The Hills: New Beginnings (2019)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The series follows the iconic group of friends as they return to the city they loved and left in their 20's. Now thirty-something's ready to face the future, they re-examine past mistakes, make some new ones, and strive to regain the fame they had. Read More

Next Episode 2x11 Date: Jul 28th



Episode 9: Time Heals Not Some Things
Episode 8: Get Dessert and Bail
Episode 7: Who Slept At Your House?
Episode 6: I'm Back In LA Bitches!
Episode 5: You Told Her?!
Episode 4: Who's a Better Kisser
Episode 3: The Last Hurrah
Episode 2: Best Friends Kissing
Episode 1: Burying the Past
Episode 12: I Hope You Say I Do
Episode 11: Of Course We're Married
Episode 10: Brody Gets Away With So Much
Episode 9: This Hangover Better Be Expensive
Episode 8: Are We Exclusive?
Episode 7: You're Enemy #1
Episode 6: I Don't Think We Can Be Friends
Episode 5: Playing With Fire
Episode 4: Not to Eavesdrop, But to Eavesdrop
Episode 3: A Legend In His Own Mind
Episode 2: You're Not My Family
Episode 1: I Don't Hold Grudges... JK!