The High Court (2017)


Genre: Short , Comedy , Reality-tv

Plot: The High Court features Judge Doug Benson as he gets high and rules on real small claims court cases. The concept is loosely born from Benson and JASH’s popular YouTube show, Getting Doug with High. In the show, both parties agree in advance to have the case settled as Judge Doug hears both sides and then retires to his chambers with a guest bailiff to get very stoned and deliberate. All decisions rendered are highly binding. Read More



Episode 20: Driving Buds Bad Behavior
Episode 19: Smoked-Out Couch
Episode 18: Joint Apartment
Episode 17: Good Faith, Hope and Charity
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Episode 14: Two's Company, Three's a Crowd
Episode 13: Radio Hits
Episode 12: The Great Screwdini
Episode 11: Dog Gone It
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Episode 9: Taken for a Ride
Episode 8: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode 7: He Took My Money Fast and Now I'm Furious
Episode 6: I Ain't Saying She's a Gold Digger
Episode 5: Channeling Her Anger
Episode 4: Last Comic Stealing
Episode 3: Snakes in the Drain
Episode 2: Driving Miss Johnson
Episode 1: Someone Is Paying for This Tow Job