The Haunted Hathaways (2013)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: "The Haunted Hathaways" follows the adventures of a not-so-typical blended family. When Michelle Hathaway relocates to New Orleans, LA., to open a bakery with her daughters Taylor and Frankie, they quickly learn that life in the “Big Easy” is very different. Unbeknownst to them, their new home is already occupied by a ghost family comprised of jazz musician father Ray Preston and his sons Miles and Louie. After agreeing to live under one roof, they come to care about and rely on one another while driving each other crazy – just like any normal family would. Though leery at first, the Hathaways soon discover how much fun life can be when living with ghosts. Read More



Episode 21: Haunted Family
Episode 20: Haunted Swamp
Episode 19: Haunted Surprise
Episode 18: Haunted Ghost Tour
Episode 17: Haunted Mentor
Episode 16: Haunted Toy Store
Episode 15: Haunted Date
Episode 14: Haunted Temptation
Episode 13: Haunted Charm School
Episode 12: Haunted Mascot
Episode 11: Haunted Whodunnit
Episode 10: Haunted Secret
Episode 9: Haunted Thundermans
Episode 8: Haunted Rapper
Episode 7: Haunted Telescope
Episode 6: Haunted Mind Games
Episode 5: Haunted Besties
Episode 4: Haunted Heartthrob
Episode 3: Mostly Ghostly Girl
Episode 2: Haunted Revenge
Episode 1: Haunted Newbie
Episode 26: Haunted Voodoo
Episode 25: Haunted Viking
Episode 24: Haunted Duel
Episode 23: Haunted Boo Crew
Episode 22: Haunted Bowling
Episode 21: Haunted Secret Agent
Episode 20: Haunted Visitor
Episode 19: Haunted Crushing
Episode 18: Haunted Prank
Episode 17: Haunted Brothers
Episode 16: Haunted Bakery
Episode 15: Haunted Boat
Episode 14: Haunted Camping
Episode 13: Haunted Cookie Jar
Episode 12: Haunted Principal
Episode 11: Haunted Halloween
Episode 10: Haunted Interview
Episode 9: Haunted Play
Episode 8: Haunted Dog
Episode 7: Haunted Doll
Episode 6: Haunted Babysitter
Episode 5: Haunted Volleyball
Episode 4: Haunted Kids
Episode 3: Haunted Science Fair
Episode 2: Haunted Sleepover
Episode 1: Pilot