The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure (1956)


Genre: Family , Mystery

Plot: Sons of the great detective Fenton Hardy, Frank and Joe are eager to impress their father with their mystery solving skills. When an opportunity comes to help prove the new kid in town as innocent and find the long lost Applegate treasure, they jump on it. We follow the boys' case as they discover new twists and turns in the new case and in the mystery of the 10 year missing treasure. Read More



Episode 12: Footsteps In the Tower
Episode 11: Iola's Bravery
Episode 10: Female Detective
Episode 9: Boys In Trouble
Episode 8: A Pirates Chest
Episode 7: Dig For Treasure
Episode 6: Applegate's Gold
Episode 5: The Fugitive
Episode 4: The First Clue
Episode 3: A Real Case
Episode 2: The Stranger
Episode 1: The Mystery Of The Applegate Treasure : An Introduction