The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977)


Genre: Family , Mystery

Plot: Frank and Joe Hardy were the teenage sons of world-renowned private investigator Fenton Hardy. Snooping must have been in the Hardy blood, since Frank and Joe were always stumbling across mysterious goings-on, usually of the non-violent kind. Kidnapping, smuggling, robbery, missing persons and haunted houses were the norm in the Hardy hometown of Bayport, although their adventures often took the boys to other cities or even countries. Frank was the sensible, older brother, while Joe was impulsive and a budding pop singer. Gertrude was Frank & Joe's sometimes nagging aunt, Callie was Frank's cute girlfriend and Harry a government agent the Hardy boys occasionally worked with. Read More



Episode 22: Campus Terror
Episode 21: Arson and Old Lace
Episode 20: Death Surf
Episode 19: Mystery on the Avalanche Express
Episode 18: Voodoo Doll (2)
Episode 17: Voodoo Doll (1)
Episode 16: Sole Survivor
Episode 15: The House on Possessed Hill
Episode 14: Oh Say Can You Sing
Episode 13: The Lady on Thursday at Ten
Episode 12: Will the Real Santa Claus...
Episode 11: The Mystery of the Silent Scream
Episode 10: Nancy Drew's Love Match
Episode 9: Acapulco Spies
Episode 8: Strange Fate of Flight 608
Episode 7: The Creatures Who Came on Sunday
Episode 6: Mystery of the African Safari
Episode 5: The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (2)
Episode 4: The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (1)
Episode 3: The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb
Episode 2: The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (2)
Episode 1: The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (1)