The Guest Book (2017)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Guests bring their baggage and own special brand of crazy to a vacation cottage and record their confessions, alibis and farewells in the cottageā€™s guest book. Each season features a new town, and along with it a new cottage and town locals, though characters from previous season often come along for the ride. Read More



Episode 10: Someplace Other Than Here
Episode 9: Everybody Loves Clark
Episode 8: Let Me Put You on a Brief Hold
Episode 7: Tonight You Become a Man
Episode 6: Invisible Son
Episode 5: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Episode 4: Killer Party
Episode 3: Counting Problems
Episode 2: Under Cover
Episode 1: Finding Reality
Episode 10: Story Ten
Episode 9: Story Nine
Episode 8: Story Eight
Episode 7: Story Seven
Episode 6: Story Six
Episode 5: Story Five
Episode 4: Story Four
Episode 3: Story Three
Episode 2: Story Two
Episode 1: Story One