The Greatest American Hero (1981)


Plot: A special-ed teacher, an FBI agent, and a UFO? That's right, you've guessed it -- The Greatest American Hero. This show was first aired in 1981, and was both a comedy and a drama. A special "power suit" that only works on him is given to the teacher by the aliens, and he is paired up with the gumshoe FBI agent who keeps them both busy with his scenarios. The suit of "unearthly powers" gives the power of strength, flight, invisibilty, flames, telekenesis, vision of events without being there, protection from bullets and fire (if he remembers to cover his head!), and some others that he must figure out as well because; HE LOST THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT CAME WITH THE SUIT! Read More



Episode 13: Vanity, Says the Preacher
Episode 12: Desperado
Episode 11: It's Only Rock 'n Roll
Episode 10: Wizards and Warlocks
Episode 9: Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo
Episode 8: Space Ranger
Episode 7: Live at Eleven
Episode 6: Heaven is in Your Genes
Episode 5: The Newlywed Game
Episode 4: The Resurrection of Carlini
Episode 3: This is the One the Suit Was Meant For
Episode 2: The Price is Right
Episode 1: Divorce, Venusian Style
Episode 22: Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell
Episode 21: Who's Woo in America
Episode 20: Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory
Episode 19: Good Samaritan
Episode 18: There's Just No Accounting...
Episode 17: Dreams
Episode 16: It's All Downhill from Here
Episode 15: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Episode 14: A Chicken in Every Plot
Episode 13: The Shock Will Kill You
Episode 12: Just Another Three-Ring Circus
Episode 11: The Hand-Painted Thai
Episode 10: Now You See It
Episode 9: Train of Thought
Episode 8: Plague
Episode 7: The Lost Diablo
Episode 6: The Beast in the Black
Episode 5: Classical Gas
Episode 4: Hog Wild
Episode 3: Don't Mess Around with Jim
Episode 2: Operation: Spoilsport
Episode 1: The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast Ball
Episode 8: The Best Desk Scenario
Episode 7: Fire Man
Episode 6: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Episode 5: Reseda Rose
Episode 4: Saturday Night on Sunset Boulevard
Episode 3: Here's Looking at You, Kid
Episode 2: The Hit Car
Episode 1: The Greatest American Hero