The Good Place (2016)


Plot: The Good Place is a town where those who have been good throughout their lives go once they have passed away. Michael (Danson) is the architect who oversees the town--and this is the first one he has been in charge of creating. Eleanor (Bell) arrives at the Good Place and realizes they have her name right, but everything else is wrong. She isn't meant to be there at all. With the help of Chidi, her soul mate (Harper), Eleanor tries to right her wrongs, seeking to finally earn her spot in the Good Place. Read More



Episode 13: Whenever You're Ready
Episode 12: Patty
Episode 11: Mondays, Am I Right?
Episode 10: You've Changed, Man
Episode 9: The Answer
Episode 8: The Funeral to End All Funerals
Episode 7: Help Is Other People
Episode 6: A Chip Driver Mystery
Episode 5: Employee of the Bearimy
Episode 4: Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy
Episode 3: Chillaxing
Episode 2: A Girl from Arizona (2)
Episode 1: A Girl from Arizona (1)
Episode 12: Pandemonium
Episode 11: Chidi Sees The Time-Knife
Episode 10: The Book Of Dougs
Episode 9: Janet(s)
Episode 8: Don’t Let The Good Life Pass You By
Episode 7: The Worst Possible Use Of Free Will
Episode 6: A Fractured Inheritance
Episode 5: The Ballad Of Donkey Doug
Episode 4: Jeremy Bearimy
Episode 3: The Snowplow
Episode 2: The Brainy Bunch
Episode 1: Everything Is Bonzer!
Episode 12: Somewhere Else
Episode 11: The Burrito
Episode 10: Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent
Episode 9: Best Self
Episode 8: Leap to Faith
Episode 7: Derek
Episode 6: Janet and Michael
Episode 5: The Trolley Problem
Episode 4: Existential Crisis
Episode 3: Team Cockroach
Episode 2: Dance Dance Resolution
Episode 1: Everything Is Great!
Episode 13: Michael's Gambit
Episode 12: Mindy St. Claire
Episode 11: What's My Motivation
Episode 10: Chidi's Choice
Episode 9: …Someone Like Me as a Member
Episode 8: Most Improved Player
Episode 7: The Eternal Shriek
Episode 6: What We Owe to Each Other
Episode 5: Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis
Episode 4: Jason Mendoza
Episode 3: Tahani Al-Jamil
Episode 2: Flying
Episode 1: Everything is Fine