The Ghost Inside My Child (2013)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: What if your child remembered dying in a past life? This new BIO series explores many parents' most closely guarded secret: Their child is a reincarnation of someone who died violently and came back to life. Children of all ages who claim they remember previous lives are quite common – and hundreds of these accounts have been scientifically documented, researched and studied, both in the United States and abroad since the 1950’s. The Ghost Inside My Child shares stories that are often inexplicable and confounding. These young children are having very real memories and very real experiences…that belong to someone else. Read More



Episode 14: Twin Tragedy and Family Agony
Episode 13: Death On The Farm & Parents Who Harm
Episode 12: Drowned At Sea & First Degree
Episode 11: Child of F. Scott and a Toddler Distraught
Episode 10: Killed by a Bomb and Bonfire Gone Wrong
Episode 9: The Perfect Aim and Killed by the Flame
Episode 8: Unfinished Note and Attack on a Boat
Episode 7: Family Drama and Military Trauma
Episode 6: Wounded in Battle and Lightning Storm Rattle
Episode 5: Ancient Flood and Confederate Blood
Episode 4: Rockefeller Charms and Brothers in Arms
Episode 3: The Wild West and Tribal Quest
Episode 2: Silent Film Star and the Man Who Fell Far
Episode 1: Plane Crash and Sacred Ash
Episode 3: Orphan Trains & Hotel Flames
Episode 2: Disaster Deaths
Episode 1: A Soldier & A Screenwriter