The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1968)


Genre: Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: Lovely young widow Carolyn Muir, her two young children, and the maid discover that the New England seaside house they've moved into is haunted by the former owner -- an old salt named Captain Daniel Gregg. Gregg at first resists this intrusion, but he develops a ghostly love for his uninvited guest. Read More



Episode 24: Wedding Day
Episode 23: Curious Cousin
Episode 22: Amateur Night
Episode 21: Martha Meets the Captain
Episode 20: Pardon My Ghost
Episode 19: Dig for the Truth
Episode 18: No Hits, No Runs, No Oysters
Episode 17: Tourist, Go Home
Episode 16: Not So Faust
Episode 15: Ladies' Man
Episode 14: The Ghost of Christmas Past
Episode 13: Host to the Ghost
Episode 12: Puppy Love
Episode 11: The Spirit of the Law
Episode 10: The Firehouse Five Plus Ghost
Episode 9: Surprise Party
Episode 8: Medium Well-Done
Episode 7: Not So Desperate Hours
Episode 6: Madam Candidate
Episode 5: Today I Am a Ghost
Episode 4: Double Trouble
Episode 3: There's a Seal in My Bathtub
Episode 2: Centennial
Episode 1: The Great Power Failure
Episode 26: The Music Maker
Episode 25: Son of the Curse
Episode 24: Medicine Ball
Episode 23: Jonathan Tells it Like it Was
Episode 22: Make Me a Match
Episode 21: Buried on Page One
Episode 20: It's a Gift
Episode 19: Chowderhead
Episode 18: Strictly Relative
Episode 17: A Pain in the Neck
Episode 16: Dog Gone!
Episode 15: Dear Delusion
Episode 14: Mister Perfect
Episode 13: Love is a Toothache
Episode 12: Madeira, My Dear?
Episode 11: Captain Gregg's Whiz-Bang
Episode 10: The Monkey Puzzle Tree
Episode 9: Way Off Broadway
Episode 8: Uncle Arnold the Magnificent
Episode 7: The Real James Gatley
Episode 6: Vanessa
Episode 5: Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode 4: The Ghost Hunter
Episode 3: Treasure Hunt
Episode 2: Haunted Honeymoon
Episode 1: Pilot