The George Carlin Show (1994)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The daily adventures of New York cabdriver George O'Grady who, while not the weirdest man in New York, is "definitely in the top three." When not expounding his theories on government conspiracies and alien visitations to his fares, he hangs out at a local bar with his only-slightly-less-eccentric friends. Read More



Episode 14: George Digs Rock 'n' Roll Music
Episode 13: George Helps a Friend
Episode 12: George Likes a Good War
Episode 11: George Tells the Truth
Episode 10: George Puts on a Happy Face
Episode 9: George Does a Bad Thing
Episode 8: George Shoots Himself in the Foot
Episode 7: George Really Does It This Time
Episode 6: George Gets Caught in the Middle
Episode 5: George Pulls the Plug
Episode 4: George Gets Hoist By His Own Petard
Episode 2: George Runs into an Old Friend
Episode 1: George Gets a Big Surprise
Episode 12: George Plays a Mean Pinball
Episode 11: George Looks Down the Wrong End of a Thirty-Eight
Episode 10: George Speaks His Mind
Episode 9: George Loses His Thermos
Episode 8: George Destroys a Way of Life
Episode 7: George Gets Some Money
Episode 6: George Expresses Himself
Episode 5: George Helps Sidney
Episode 4: George Goes on a Date (2)
Episode 3: George Goes on a Date (1)
Episode 2: George Sees an Airplane
Episode 1: When Unexpected Things Happen to George