The Garfield Show (2009)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: The Garfield Show picks up, mainly, on Garfield's usual antics and frolics, usually in function of his laziness and gluttony. It focuses on his quirky misadventures, while always highlighting the fat cat's love for lasagna. Garfield lives with his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and his owner's dog, Odie, in a detached 3-story house. The premise of the show, which is comedic slapstick, lies mainly in the events of each single episode. Usually Garfield has to solve problems that he himself causes, but always tries to skive off, and actually solves them in the end. Read More



Episode 51: Unfair Weather (1)
Episode 49: The Mole Express
Episode 47: The Big Sleep
Episode 45: Rain or Shine
Episode 43: Love and Lasagna
Episode 41: Detective Odie
Episode 39: Great Pizza Race
Episode 37: Pirate Gold
Episode 35: Wicked Wishes
Episode 33: A Gripping Tale
Episode 31: Fido Food Feline
Episode 29: Everything's Relative
Episode 27: Depths of a Salesman
Episode 25: The Bluebird of Happiness
Episode 23: Black Cat Blues
Episode 21: Honey, I Shrunk the Pets
Episode 19: With Four You Get Pizza
Episode 17: Cyber Mailman
Episode 15: Odie for Sale
Episode 13: Blasteroid
Episode 11: Which Witch
Episode 9: Gravity of the Situation
Episode 7: History of Cats
Episode 5: Night of the Bunny Slippers
Episode 3: The Art of Being Uncute
Episode 1: Home for the Holidays (1)
Episode 51: Iceman
Episode 49: The Amazing Flying Dog
Episode 47: Super Me
Episode 45: Nice to Nermal
Episode 43: Up a Tree
Episode 41: Neighbor Nathan
Episode 39: Caroling Capers
Episode 37: Extreme Housebreaking
Episode 35: It's a Cat's World
Episode 33: Fame Fatale
Episode 31: Fish to Fry
Episode 29: Time Twist
Episode 27: Underwater World
Episode 25: Curse of the Cat People
Episode 23: Down on the Farm
Episode 21: Curse of the Were-Dog
Episode 19: Pet Matchers
Episode 17: Pup in the Pound
Episode 15: Not So Sweet Sound Of Music
Episode 13: High Scale
Episode 12: Desperately Seeking Pooky
Episode 11: King Nermal
Episode 9: A Game of Cat and Mouse
Episode 7: Catnap
Episode 5: Bone Diggers
Episode 3: Orange and Black
Episode 1: Pasta Wars