The Furchester Hotel (2014)


Genre: Family

Plot: Welcome to this (nearly) world-class hotel run by (incompetent) Muppets. They are joined by Elmo and the Cookie Monster (guest reader on Bedtime Stories) who has landed his dream job as a waiter. Read More



Episode 15: No Guests
Episode 7: Cheer Up Cheerleaders
Episode 4: Chick Swagger
Episode 52: The Lamb Stampers
Episode 51: Hotel Inspector
Episode 50: Lobby Race
Episode 49: Phoebe's Monster Doll
Episode 48: Egg Sitting
Episode 47: Buried Treasure
Episode 46: Mr Dull's Chair Repair
Episode 45: Hotel Helper
Episode 44: Nobody Has a Hat Like That
Episode 43: Monster Glue
Episode 42: The Lost Jacket
Episode 41: Walking the Dog
Episode 40: Ripe 'n' Shine
Episode 39: The Blooming
Episode 38: Wake Up Call
Episode 37: Dinosaur In Room 223
Episode 36: Problem Parrot
Episode 35: Stubborn as a Donkey
Episode 34: Sit Still Elmo
Episode 33: Repetitive Welcoming Injury
Episode 32: The Woolly Sisters
Episode 31: Ant Checks In
Episode 30: Noisy Night
Episode 29: Mooga Monster Tale
Episode 28: Lift It. Shake It. Find It
Episode 27: Skunks Welcome
Episode 26: Pony in Disguise
Episode 25: Mr Lawnmower
Episode 24: Phoebe's Key
Episode 23: Furgus and the New Plant
Episode 22: Bebe Comes to Stay
Episode 21: Ballroom Dance Weekend
Episode 20: Mr Huggles Hibernates
Episode 19: Super Rock
Episode 18: Peckity Woodpecker
Episode 17: Monster Monster Day
Episode 16: Furchester On Wheels
Episode 15: Caterpillar Catastrophe
Episode 14: The Sculpture
Episode 13: Penguin Bobsleigh Team
Episode 12: Furchester TV
Episode 11: The Furchester Hoot-el
Episode 10: Animal Talk
Episode 9: Mystery Weekend
Episode 8: Isabel Gets the Ding-ups
Episode 7: Toast with a Smile
Episode 6: The Veggietones
Episode 5: Count Your Chickens
Episode 4: Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!
Episode 3: Very Important Porcupine
Episode 2: Don't Eat the Guests
Episode 1: Welcome to the Furchester