The Fungies! (2020)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Adventure , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Long ago on prehistoric Earth lived a bustling town of colorful mushroom folk - The Fungies! Seth, a science-minded 10-year-old Fungie kid, is fascinated by how the world works and wants to tell Fungietown all about it. With a little help from his artistic older brother, Pascal, Seth stirs up trouble for Fungietown, leading him to hilarious and heartwarming emotional discoveries. The Fungies have their own unique biology - they can pop their limbs off and on, trade limbs, and even combine their bodies! Like any kid, Seth goes to fungie school and hangs out with his fungie friends. Whether it’s planning an epic show-and-tell presentation, trying to find his dinosaur friend Pam a job, or replacing his arm with a snake so he can be better at sports, Seth is always excited for something new! Read More



Episode 20: Camping with the Family
Episode 19: Meteor Madness
Episode 18: Special Bloom
Episode 17: Rattlesnake Jane
Episode 16: Gorbo Gets Flushed
Episode 15: The Mayor’s Apprentice
Episode 14: Tina Turnip
Episode 13: For Keeps
Episode 12: Twinseparable
Episode 11: I Hear You
Episode 10: Campfire Creepies
Episode 9: Smarty Flower
Episode 8: Flawless
Episode 7: The Scoop
Episode 6: Home, Run!
Episode 5: Seth the Frog
Episode 4: Where the Truffalo Roam
Episode 3: Beefo the Kid
Episode 2: Bug Buds
Episode 1: Bird War
Episode 40: One Night at Nevin's
Episode 39: Where's Coach?
Episode 38: RFUN Radio
Episode 37: Pam Runs Forever
Episode 36: Fungopolis
Episode 35: Commander Lazer
Episode 34: Dino Club
Episode 32: Lord Clawly Caper
Episode 31: Sir Tree House
Episode 30: Long Legs
Episode 29: Lil' Lemon for President
Episode 28: Mr. Pascal's Opus
Episode 27: Sir Tree's Boy
Episode 26: Queen Seth
Episode 25: The Well Monster
Episode 24: Nancy's Fireman Calendar
Episode 23: The Granny Trap
Episode 22: Fungie Scouts
Episode 21: Free Squidly
Episode 20: Class Garden
Episode 19: New Pam in Town
Episode 18: Happy Birthday Nancy
Episode 17: Mermove Out
Episode 16: Cool Kids
Episode 15: Nevin's Cocoon
Episode 14: Snake It to the Limit
Episode 13: The Fanciest Fungie
Episode 12: Commander Beefy
Episode 11: Sir Tree's Body
Episode 10: Hide and Pam/Chair Factory/Turtle/Rainy Day/Best Friends Club
Episode 9: Ghosts Schmosts
Episode 8: The Twins Bug Seth
Episode 7: Voyage of the Rushroom
Episode 6: Take Your Seth to Work Day
Episode 5: A Man and His Mustache
Episode 4: Green Eggs and Pam
Episode 3: Truffalo
Episode 2: Sick Day