The Flintstones (1960)


Plot: The Flintstones is about a modern stone-age family, set in the prehistoric times. There's Fred, the meat-loving, bowling-playing fat man, Wilma, his wife who loves to cook and Pebbles, their cute baby daughter. Their next door neighbors are Barney, Fred's best friend, Betty, Barney's wife who always loves to hang out with Wilma, and their baby son Bamm-Bamm who is incredibly strong. The two families risk prehistoric danger or wild antics as they struggle to live normal lives. Read More



Episode 26: The Story of Rocky's Raiders
Episode 25: My Fair Freddy
Episode 24: Dripper
Episode 23: Jealousy
Episode 22: Fred's Island
Episode 21: Boss for a Day
Episode 20: Curtain Call at Bedrock
Episode 19: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock
Episode 18: Two Men on a Dinosaur
Episode 17: The Long, Long, Long Weekend
Episode 16: Fred Goes Ape
Episode 15: How to Pick a Fight with Your Wife Without Really Trying
Episode 14: Seeing Doubles
Episode 13: Royal Rubble
Episode 12: Shinrock-a-Go-Go
Episode 11: The Masquerade Party
Episode 10: The Stonefinger Caper
Episode 9: The Gravelberry Pie King
Episode 8: Rip Van Flintstone
Episode 7: The Great Gazoo
Episode 6: Samantha
Episode 5: Circus Business
Episode 4: Disorder in the Court
Episode 3: The Return of Stony Curtis
Episode 2: The House That Fred Built
Episode 1: No Biz Like Show Biz
Episode 26: Surfin' Fred
Episode 25: Fred Meets Hercurock
Episode 24: Superstone
Episode 23: The Rolls Rock Caper
Episode 22: Deep in the Heart of Texarock
Episode 21: Sheriff for a Day
Episode 20: Moonlight and Maintenance
Episode 19: The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes
Episode 18: Time Machine
Episode 17: Fred's Second Car
Episode 16: Fred's Flying Lesson
Episode 15: Christmas Flintstone
Episode 14: Adobe Dick
Episode 13: Indianrockolis 500
Episode 12: King for a Night
Episode 11: Dino and Juliet
Episode 10: The Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock
Episode 9: The Gruesomes
Episode 8: Dr. Sinister
Episode 7: A Haunted House Is Not a Home
Episode 6: Cinderellastone
Episode 5: Bedrock Rodeo Round-Up
Episode 4: Pebbles' Birthday Party
Episode 3: Itty Bitty Fred
Episode 2: Monster Fred
Episode 1: Hop Happy
Episode 26: Operation Switchover
Episode 25: Bachelor Daze
Episode 24: Son of Rockzilla
Episode 23: Reel Trouble
Episode 22: Ladies' Night at the Lodge
Episode 21: Room for Two
Episode 20: Cave Scout Jamboree
Episode 19: Flintstone and the Lion
Episode 18: Bedrock Hillbillies
Episode 17: Fred el Terrifico
Episode 16: Ten Little Flintstones
Episode 15: Once Upon a Coward
Episode 14: Peek-a-Boo Camera
Episode 13: Daddies Anonymous
Episode 12: Daddy's Little Beauty
Episode 11: Kleptomaniac Pebbles
Episode 10: Sleep on, Sweet Fred
Episode 9: Old Lady Betty
Episode 8: Big League Freddie
Episode 7: Glue for Two
Episode 6: The Flintstone Canaries
Episode 5: Fred's Monkeyshines
Episode 4: Dino Disappears
Episode 3: Little Bamm-Bamm
Episode 2: Groom Gloom
Episode 1: Ann Margrock Presents
Episode 28: The Birthday Party
Episode 27: Swedish Visitors
Episode 26: The Big Move
Episode 25: Ventriloquist Barney
Episode 24: Carry on, Nurse Fred
Episode 23: The Blessed Event
Episode 22: Fred's New Job
Episode 21: Foxy Grandma
Episode 20: Mother-in-Law's Visit
Episode 19: The Surprise
Episode 18: The Hero
Episode 17: Wilma, the Maid
Episode 16: The Kissing Burglar
Episode 15: Flash Gun Freddie
Episode 14: Dial 'S' for Suspicion
Episode 13: High School Fred
Episode 12: Nuttin' But the Tooth
Episode 11: Ladies Day
Episode 10: Hawaiian Escapade
Episode 9: Baby Barney
Episode 8: The Little Stranger
Episode 7: The Buffalo Convention
Episode 6: Here's Snow in Your Eyes
Episode 5: The Twitch
Episode 4: Bowling Ballet
Episode 3: Barney the Invisible
Episode 2: Fred's New Boss
Episode 1: Dino Goes Hollyrock
Episode 32: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Episode 31: Latin Lover
Episode 30: Kleptomaniac Caper
Episode 29: Divided We Sail
Episode 28: The Rock Vegas Story
Episode 27: The Mailman Cometh
Episode 26: Trouble-in-Law
Episode 25: This Is Your Lifesaver
Episode 24: Fred Strikes Out
Episode 23: The Happy Household
Episode 22: Operation Barney
Episode 21: Impractical Joker
Episode 20: Fuedin' and Fussin'
Episode 19: Wilma's Vanishing Money
Episode 18: The Entertainer
Episode 17: A Star Is Almost Born
Episode 16: The Gambler
Episode 15: The X-Ray Story
Episode 14: The House Guest
Episode 13: The Picnic
Episode 12: The Masquerade Ball
Episode 11: The Beauty Contest
Episode 10: Social Climbers
Episode 9: The Little White Lie
Episode 8: Flintstone of Prinstone
Episode 7: The Soft Touchables
Episode 6: The Rock Quarry Story
Episode 5: Fred Flintstone Woos Again
Episode 4: Alvin Brickrock Presents
Episode 3: The Missing Bus
Episode 2: Droop Along Flintstone
Episode 1: The Hit Song Writers
Episode 28: Fred Flintstone: Before and After
Episode 27: Rooms for Rent
Episode 26: The Good Scout
Episode 25: In the Dough
Episode 24: The Long, Long Weekend
Episode 23: The Astra' Nuts
Episode 22: The Tycoon
Episode 21: Love Letters on the Rocks
Episode 20: The Hypnotist
Episode 19: The Hot Piano
Episode 18: The Snorkasaurus Hunter
Episode 17: The Big Bank Robbery
Episode 16: Arthur Quarry's Dance Class
Episode 15: The Girls' Night Out
Episode 14: The Prowler
Episode 13: The Drive-In
Episode 12: The Sweepstakes Ticket
Episode 11: The Golf Champion
Episode 10: Hollyrock, Here I Come
Episode 9: The Engagement Ring
Episode 8: At the Races
Episode 7: The Babysitters
Episode 6: The Monster from the Tar Pits
Episode 5: The Split Personality
Episode 4: No Help Wanted
Episode 3: The Swimming Pool
Episode 2: Hot Lips Hannigan
Episode 1: The Flintstone Flyer