The Famous Jett Jackson (1998)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family

Plot: Jett is the star of a popular action show called "Silverstone" but when he decides he wants to spend more time with his sheriff father, wise grandmother, and best friend J.B., the entire show relocates from L.A. to his North Carolina hometown. However, a normal life is far from what Jett gets. J.B. has to deal with the fame surrounding his buddy and screaming fans chase Jett into the girl's restroom he meets Kayla, an artist/farmer's daughter who is not impressed by his fame. With J.B., Kayla and his friends from the set (such as the special effect guru Cubby and the show's costar Riley), the teen learns to juggle between being the action hero Silverstone and just regular Jett Jackson. Read More



Episode 26: Holly
Episode 25: The Game
Episode 24: Hotline
Episode 23: Awakenings (2)
Episode 22: Awakenings (1)
Episode 21: M.O.M.
Episode 20: Battle of Wilsted
Episode 19: Food for Thought
Episode 18: Lost and Found
Episode 17: The Perfect Day
Episode 16: Backstage Pass
Episode 15: Vote of Confidence
Episode 14: Survival of the Fittest
Episode 13: Truth
Episode 12: Beauregard's Beach Bash
Episode 11: Wheels
Episode 10: Detention
Episode 9: Heroes
Episode 8: Extra Credit
Episode 7: Pledge of Allegiance
Episode 6: Age Old Story
Episode 5: Great Expectations
Episode 4: Hello, Goodbye
Episode 3: Business as Usual
Episode 2: Something in the Air
Episode 1: Step Up
Episode 26: What You Wish For
Episode 25: Bank Robbery
Episode 24: Pride
Episode 23: Something to Prove
Episode 22: Day Trip
Episode 21: Eye of the Beholder
Episode 20: Spreading Wings
Episode 19: Voices
Episode 18: Behind the Scenes
Episode 17: Date
Episode 16: Grades
Episode 15: On the Reel
Episode 14: What Money Can't Buy
Episode 13: Spirit
Episode 12: New York
Episode 11: Saving Mr. Dupree
Episode 10: Par for the Course
Episode 9: Bunk
Episode 8: Ghost Dance
Episode 7: Hawk
Episode 6: Things That Fly
Episode 5: County Fair
Episode 4: Popularity
Episode 3: A Tragedy in Two Parts
Episode 2: Premiere
Episode 1: Field of Dweebs
Episode 13: Hot Dog
Episode 12: JB's Big Break
Episode 11: The Famous Stone Gold
Episode 10: Kiss and Tell
Episode 9: Front Page
Episode 8: Special FX-ation
Episode 7: Bottoms Up
Episode 6: Switcheroo
Episode 5: Hurricane Jules
Episode 4: Close Encounters
Episode 3: Vootle-Muck-a-Heev
Episode 2: Who's the Man
Episode 1: Going Up!