The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (1976)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Disillusioned after a long career at Sunshine Desserts, Perrin goes through a mid-life crisis and fakes his own death. Returning in disguise after various attempts at finding a 'new life', he gets his old job back and finds nothing has changed. He is eventually found out, and in the second series has success with a chain of shops selling useless junk. That becomes so successful that he feels he has created a monster and decides to destroy it. In the third and final series he has a dream of forming a commune which his long suffering colleagues help bring to reality. Unfortunately that also fails and he finds himself back in a job not unlike the one he originally had at Sunshine Desserts. Read More



Episode 7: Amalgamated Aerosols
Episode 6: Jinx
Episode 5: Timebomb
Episode 4: Communal Social Evenings
Episode 3: The Trickle of Visitors
Episode 2: Staff Training
Episode 1: The Great Project
Episode 7: Extreme Solution
Episode 6: The Four Untrustworthy Men
Episode 5: Re-Involvement
Episode 4: The Unusual Shop
Episode 3: Jimmy's Offer
Episode 2: Elizabeth's New Admirer
Episode 1: Remarried and Back at Sunshine Desserts
Episode 7: The Memorial Service
Episode 6: Trying a Frenchman, Welshman, Scotsman and an Italian
Episode 5: The Speech to the British Fruit Association
Episode 4: The Bizarre Dinner Party
Episode 3: The Sunday Extraordinary Business Meeting
Episode 2: Nightmare in the Park
Episode 1: Hippopotamus