The Event (2010)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Jason Ritter stars as Sean Walker, a regular guy who launches an investigation into the disappearance of his fiancee. What he doesn't realize is that his probe begins to expose the biggest cover-up in American history. Walker's actions affect a number of strangers, including the newly elected president (Blair Underwood), and the global conspiracy he's uncovered could change the fate of mankind. Read More



Episode 22: Arrival
Episode 21: The Beginning of the End
Episode 20: One Will Live, One Will Die
Episode 19: Us or Them
Episode 18: Strain
Episode 17: Cut Off the Head
Episode 16: You Bury Other Things Too
Episode 15: Face Off
Episode 14: A Message Back
Episode 13: Turnabout
Episode 12: Inostranka
Episode 11: And Then There Were More
Episode 10: Everything Will Change
Episode 9: Your World to Take
Episode 8: For the Good of Our Country
Episode 7: I Know Who You Are
Episode 6: Loyalty
Episode 5: Casualties of War
Episode 4: A Matter of Life and Death
Episode 3: Protect Them from the Truth
Episode 2: To Keep Us Safe
Episode 1: I Haven't Told You Everything