The Embassy (2016) (2016)


Genre: Thriller

Plot: Luis Salinas, the new ambassador to Thailand, who knows he's going to get his hands dirty in the next four years – if he makes it that long. He's accompanied by his wife, Claudia, and their daughter Ester. Aware that the familiar constellation of life in the embassy is about to change radically, the staff gear up in nervous anticipation. Life does change, but in a way that Luis would never have imagined it. He must not only cope with the chaos and corruption he was expecting, but also with the implosion of his family life, as Claudia and Ester become involved in affairs that might seriously damage relations between Spain and Thailand. Will the glamorous, globe-trotting diplomatic life swallow up Luis or will he continue to fight for integrity and morals?            Read More



Episode 8: Millions shower
Episode 7: The Leak
Episode 6: Seventeen accounts in havens
Episode 5: Taxpayers' money
Episode 4: Define corruption
Episode 3: Zero tolerance
Episode 2: Everything has a price
Episode 1: The Head in the Lion's Mouth