The Dress Up Gang (2020)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The Dress Up Gang is set in a surreal version of Los Angeles. Donny and Cory are roommates who look out for each other. Donny, a responsible adult with the temperament and outlook of a child, relies on guidance and life advice from Cory, the dad-like 30-something who has been crashing on his couch for quite some time. Read More



Episode 10: The Club/Cory from Beyond
Episode 9: The Ding Dong Ditcher
Episode 8: Big League/Cory's Truck
Episode 7: The Cockroach/The Bully
Episode 6: Dessert for Donny/The Handshake
Episode 5: Donny's Dinner Date/Toothpick
Episode 4: Frankie's Fort/Wonko
Episode 3: Summer Body Blues/The First Scuff Is the Deepest
Episode 2: Sigourney Weaver/Finding Frankie
Episode 1: Burger Buddies/New Day Look