The Detectives (1993)


Genre: Comedy , Crime

Plot: The Detectives began life as a regular sketch on Jasper Carrott's 'Canned Carrott' series. Jasper, and his long time friend Robert Powell (As Jasper said 'He was once Jesus Christ and now I've got him down to my level), play Bob Louis and Dave Briggs, two detective constables so happless, it is inconcievable that they ever graduated from Hendon police school. Their boss 'the super' although worn out by their inabillities within police work, always had a special bond for them, and partook in a love-hate relationship with them. The Super, Frank Cottom, was played by veteran London actor George Sewell. There are subtle differences from the sketch to the TV series. For instance, in the sketches, Dave Briggs was married, yet both Bob and Dave are single in the series, and it is made clear that they both lack in romantic experience. Read More



Episode 6: Mine's a Large One
Episode 5: Best Man
Episode 4: The Curse of the Comanches
Episode 3: The Beast of Hackney Marshes
Episode 2: Cardiac Arrest
Episode 1: Special Branch
Episode 5: The Wembley Stadium Mystery
Episode 4: Sacked
Episode 3: Back to Class
Episode 2: Fur Coat, No Knickers
Episode 1: The Great Escaper
Episode 6: Twitchers
Episode 5: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 4: On Thin Ice
Episode 3: Art Attack
Episode 2: Flash
Episode 1: D.C. of Love
Episode 6: Rear Window
Episode 5: Sparring Partners
Episode 4: Dutch Cops
Episode 3: Never Without Protection
Episode 2: Witness
Episode 1: Collared
Episode 6: Strangers in Paradise
Episode 5: Studs
Episode 4: Acting Constables
Episode 3: Teed Off
Episode 2: Hostage
Episode 1: What the Butler Saw