The Defenders (2010) (2010)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Drama

Plot: An irreverent legal drama about two fiery and charismatic Las Vegas defense attorneys. Tenacious, defiant and completely engaging, they argue the law, and they follow the law, but they always keep a few tricks up their sleeves. No matter what the odds, these lawyers keep fighting for the little guy. Read More



Episode 18: Morelli v. Kaczmarek
Episode 17: Nevada v. Greene
Episode 16: Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals
Episode 15: Nevada v. Hunter
Episode 14: Nevada v. Doug the Mule
Episode 13: Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy
Episode 12: Nevada v. Wayne
Episode 11: Nevada v. Riley
Episode 10: Nevada v. Dennis
Episode 9: Whitten v. Fenlee
Episode 8: Nevada v. Killa Diz
Episode 7: Las Vegas v. Black Betty
Episode 6: Nevada v. Rodgers
Episode 5: Nevada v. Senator Harper
Episode 4: Nevada v. Cerrato
Episode 3: Nevada v. Carter
Episode 2: Las Vegas v. Reid
Episode 1: Pilot