The Defenders (1961)


Genre: Crime , Drama

Plot: The Defenders is an American courtroom drama series . It starred E. G. Marshall and Robert Reed as father-and-son defense attorneys who specialized in legally complex cases, with defendants such as neo-Nazis, conscientious objectors, civil rights demonstrators, a schoolteacher fired for being an atheist, an author accused of pornography, and a physician charged in a mercy killing. Read More



Episode 32: The Broken Barrelhead
Episode 31: Along Came a Spider
Episode 30: The Benefactor
Episode 29: Reunion with Death
Episode 28: The Naked Heiress
Episode 27: The Last Six Months
Episode 26: The Tarnished Cross
Episode 25: The Iron Man
Episode 24: The Hickory Indian
Episode 23: The Crusader
Episode 22: The Empty Chute
Episode 21: The Locked Room
Episode 20: The Point Shaver
Episode 19: Storm at Birch Glen
Episode 18: The Search
Episode 17: The Bedside Murder
Episode 16: The Best Defense
Episode 15: Gideon's Follies
Episode 14: The Prowler
Episode 13: The Attack
Episode 12: Perjury
Episode 11: The Treadmill
Episode 10: The Man with the Concrete Thumb
Episode 9: The Trial of Jenny Scott
Episode 8: The Accident
Episode 7: The Hundred Lives of Harry Simms
Episode 6: The Boy Between
Episode 5: The Young Lovers
Episode 4: The Riot
Episode 3: Death Across the Counter
Episode 2: Killer Instinct
Episode 1: Quality of Mercy