The Dead Files (2011)


Genre: Horror , Reality-tv , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: An investigative series that pairs Steve DiSchiavi, a retired Homicide Detective with the New York City Police Department with more than 21 years of active service with psychic communicator Amy Allan who has an established sixth sense and an affinity for channeling the dead. In order to not influence the other, the partners initially explore each case on their own. Steve interviews the residents/employees and investigates the history behind the property (prior ownership, murders or other crimes that occurred at or around the property, etc.) to verify the veracity of the claims, and Amy does a walk-through of the building and expressing any feelings, emotions, or other impressions she feels, with any leading items such as photos, personal items, religious items, etc., having been previously covered or removed, so as not to influence her impressions. She also works with a forensic sketch artist to sketch any entities she claims to witness. They then link up at the end to compare notes with those they are trying to help. Read More



Episode 2: Episode 2
Episode 1: Episode 1
Episode 13: Damned in the Desert
Episode 12: The Craving
Episode 8: Entangled
Episode 4: Puppet Master
Episode 3: The Gateway
Episode 2: Town of the Dead
Episode 1: Driven to Kill
Episode 13: Abducted
Episode 12: Death's Gallery
Episode 11: The Deadly Picture Show
Episode 10: Mortal Danger`
Episode 9: Shadowed Evil
Episode 8: They Come From the Hills
Episode 7: The Wanderer
Episode 6: The Demon's Quest
Episode 5: Shop of Horrors
Episode 4: The Bone Collector
Episode 3: Marked for Death
Episode 2: He Lurks
Episode 1: The Hunted
Episode 13: Damned in the Desert
Episode 12: The Craving
Episode 11: The Visitors
Episode 10: Deadly Intruder
Episode 9: Never Human
Episode 8: Entangled
Episode 7: Detox
Episode 6: Last Call
Episode 5: Dark Soul
Episode 4: Puppet Master
Episode 3: The Gateway
Episode 2: Town of the Dead
Episode 1: Driven to Kill
Episode 13: Deadly Force
Episode 12: Absorbed
Episode 11: Rage
Episode 10: The Blurry Man
Episode 9: Devil's Triangle
Episode 8: Going Rogue
Episode 7: Deadly Vessel
Episode 6: Evil Comes Home
Episode 5: Lost Souls
Episode 4: Not My Child
Episode 3: The Watchers
Episode 2: Demon Seed
Episode 1: Darkness Rises
Episode 13: Damaged
Episode 12: Killing Fields
Episode 11: 'Til Death
Episode 10: Dead Rising
Episode 9: Cursed
Episode 8: Collision Course
Episode 7: The Cult
Episode 6: The Lady in Black
Episode 5: The Bethlehem Haunting
Episode 4: A Thousand Pieces
Episode 3: Deadly Intentions
Episode 2: Tangled
Episode 1: Taken
Episode 13: Easy Prey
Episode 12: Terrorland
Episode 11: Dark Thoughts
Episode 10: Innocence Lost
Episode 9: Inviting Evil
Episode 8: Evil Descends
Episode 7: Lullaby for the Dead
Episode 6: The Uninvited
Episode 5: Desert Curse
Episode 4: Jumped
Episode 3: Killer Instinct
Episode 2: Deadly Reflections
Episode 1: Triggered
Episode 7: Contempt
Episode 2: Evil Influence
Episode 1: Toys for the Dead
Episode 19: Revisited: Evil Underground and Killed by the Klan
Episode 18: Revisited: Betrayed and A Banshee's Cry
Episode 17: Revisited: Forgotten and Burned Alive
Episode 16: Tortured Souls
Episode 15: Dark Inheritance
Episode 14: Innocent Blood
Episode 13: Master of the Damned
Episode 12: Ghost of Deadwood
Episode 11: House of Horrors
Episode 10: Invaded
Episode 9: Summoning Souls
Episode 8: The Devil's Bidding
Episode 7: Dead End
Episode 6: The Ax Murder House
Episode 5: Forever Scarred
Episode 4: Revisited: Battlefield & Violated
Episode 3: Evil Within
Episode 2: Plagued
Episode 1: Q & A Special
Episode 17: Forgotten
Episode 16: Never Alone
Episode 15: Tormented
Episode 14: Burned Alive
Episode 13: Deadly Gift
Episode 12: Family Curse
Episode 11: Blood in the Bordello
Episode 10: The House of Death
Episode 9: The Soul Collector
Episode 8: Blood on the Tracks
Episode 7: Revisited: Final Curtain Call and The Devil Made Me Do It
Episode 6: Revisited: Surrounded and Hotel Hell
Episode 5: Revisited: A Widow's Rage and Death Sentence
Episode 4: Revisited: Blood and Gold and Pandora's Box
Episode 3: Revisited: Deadly Attraction and Fear at the Family Tree
Episode 2: A Banshee's Cry
Episode 1: Fatal Attachment