The Circle (US) (2020)


Genre: Game-show , Reality-tv

Plot: Contestants live in an apartment building showcasing the infamous circle on the outside. They are literal neighbours, but never meet face to face. They communicate through a social media app called "The Circle." They can create a profile as themselves or make up a fake persona to play as. They regularly rank the other players based on their impressions through social media interactions, and the top rated players become influencers. The influencers get to block, or eliminate a player, until ultimately a winner is crowned. Read More



Episode 13: And the Winner Is...
Episode 12: The Last Blocking
Episode 11: The Master Plan
Episode 10: Campaigning to Win
Episode 9: A New Twist
Episode 8: Damage Control
Episode 7: Friend Zoned....
Episode 6: A Love Triangle
Episode 5: Snake in the Grass
Episode 4: Lines Are Drawn
Episode 3: Bye, Bye, Bye!
Episode 2: Alliances Are Formed
Episode 1: Back and More Savage Than Ever
Episode 12: Finale
Episode 11: The Last Rating
Episode 10: Declare Your Rival
Episode 9: Instant Block
Episode 8: The Player I'm Saving Is...
Episode 7: Picking Teams
Episode 6: Anonymous Trolling
Episode 5: Sliding into DMs
Episode 4: Planting Doubt
Episode 3: There's a Catfish Among Us
Episode 2: Face-to-Face
Episode 1: Hello, Circle