The Chris Isaak Show (2001)


Genre: Comedy , Music

Plot: The Chris Isaak Show is a television sitcom which follows a fictionalized version of the life of American rock musician Chris Isaak. The show portrays Isaak and his band members as everyday people with everyday problems. The series was produced for the Showtime channel from 2001–2004, and was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, which stands in for the show's home setting of San Francisco. The series featured Isaak and several members of his band, Silvertone, portraying themselves. Other roles were portrayed by actors, including Jed Rees as Isaak's keyboardist. Rees was hired in place of Isaak's actual keyboardist Brett Tuggle to add some comedy to the show. Other characters featured on the show include Yola Gaylen, Isaak's manager and her colleague, Cody Kurtzman. The final regular character, Mona, appears as a mermaid-of-sorts who lies nude on a revolving circular bed in the basement of Bimbo's, a club Isaak frequents. She typically talks only with Isaak, acting as his conscience or a sounding board for him. Read More



Episode 12: Braveheart
Episode 10: Run, Yola, Run
Episode 8: Criminal Favors
Episode 7: Rivals
Episode 6: A Little Help From My Friends
Episode 5: The Little Mermaid
Episode 4: Home Improvement
Episode 3: Let the Games Begin
Episode 2: Candidate
Episode 1: The Family of Man
Episode 17: Charity Begins at Home
Episode 16: Isaakland
Episode 15: Just Us Kids
Episode 14: The Hidden Mommy
Episode 13: Home of the Brave
Episode 12: Farm Boys
Episode 11: Gimme Shelter
Episode 10: Mysterious Hearts
Episode 9: Hell Is Other People
Episode 8: Rat in the House
Episode 7: Driven
Episode 6: Family Ties
Episode 5: Duty Calls
Episode 4: Wrong Number
Episode 3: Chris Isaak Day
Episode 2: The Devil Made Me Do It
Episode 17: Behind the Isaak
Episode 16: Our Place
Episode 15: Storytime
Episode 14: Lost and Found
Episode 13: Wages of Fear
Episode 12: Smackdown
Episode 11: The Professionals
Episode 10: Dancin'
Episode 9: Tomorrowland
Episode 8: Mr. Isaak's Opus
Episode 7: T & A
Episode 6: Hurricane
Episode 5: The Real Me
Episode 4: It's the Music, Stupid
Episode 3: Crimes and Punishment
Episode 2: Fantasia
Episode 1: Freud's Dilemma