The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (2010)


Genre: Animation , Family , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Musical , Sci-fi

Plot: That silly Cat in the Hat is back, and this time in his own colorfully animated TV show! The show is based on The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library book series and centers around a science-based curriculum for kids. In each musical episode, The Cat in the Hat visits his friends Nick and Sally. A science related question gets their brains going, and with the help of Thing One, Thing Two and the Fish, The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Nick on a wondrous adventure to get a first-hand answer to their natural science-based question. Read More



Episode 79: Big Cats
Episode 77: Stripy Safari
Episode 75: Flutter By Butterfly
Episode 73: Amazing Eyes
Episode 71: Super Cleaner Uppers
Episode 69: When I Grow Up
Episode 67: Spring & Summer
Episode 64: Elephant Walk
Episode 63: Be Cool
Episode 61: Hooray For Hair
Episode 59: Minnie Meerkat
Episode 57: Help With Kelp
Episode 55: Digging the Deep
Episode 53: Blue Feet Are Neat!
Episode 51: Trick or Treat
Episode 49: Sniff and Seek
Episode 47: Secret Super Digger
Episode 45: Surprise Surprise!
Episode 43: Thump!
Episode 41: Teeny Weeny Adventure
Episode 40: Finola's Farm
Episode 39: Pick Your Friends
Episode 38: Bamboozled
Episode 37: Incredible Journey
Episode 36: The Tree Doctor
Episode 35: A Long Winter's Nap
Episode 34: Along Came a Spider
Episode 33: Reindeer Games
Episode 32: Follow the Prints
Episode 31: Chasing Rainbows
Episode 30: Hold On Tight
Episode 29: The Egg File
Episode 28: Slow Down for Sloths
Episode 27: Jump!
Episode 26: Termite is Right
Episode 25: Maps
Episode 24: Batty for Bats
Episode 23: You Should Be Dancing
Episode 22: Let's Go Fly a Kite
Episode 21: Flight of the Penguin
Episode 20: Go Snails Go!
Episode 19: Night Lights
Episode 18: Sticky Situation
Episode 17: A Tale About Tails
Episode 16: No SSSweater is Better
Episode 15: The Rain Game
Episode 14: Now You See Me
Episode 13: Trees Company
Episode 12: Bathtime
Episode 11: Dress Up Day
Episode 10: Snowman's Land
Episode 9: Flower Power
Episode 8: Whale Music
Episode 7: A Plan for Sand
Episode 6: Nest Best Thing
Episode 5: Many Ants Make Light Work
Episode 4: Oh Give Me a Home!
Episode 3: I Love the Nightlife
Episode 2: Migration Vacation
Episode 1: Show Me the Honey