The Carbonaro Effect (2014)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade, but a prankster by heart. In this show, Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Everyone is left stunned and delighted, even though they have no idea what just hit them. Read More



Episode 8: Puppification
Episode 7: Vanishing Daycare
Episode 6: Popcorn Pants
Episode 5: Chilly Flakes and Wormholes
Episode 4: Pink Slime
Episode 3: Lipstick and the Flying Nun
Episode 2: Moving Dragon
Episode 1: Cat Lady
Episode 16: Home Run Away
Episode 15: Dummy Talks
Episode 14: Fright at the Museum
Episode 13: Fight or Flight
Episode 12: Sorcery or Science
Episode 11: Vegan Plant
Episode 10: Prehistoric Fossil Breeding
Episode 9: There's Life in Here
Episode 8: Dr. Bones
Episode 7: The Food Flattener
Episode 6: Whippit
Episode 4: You've Been Marked
Episode 3: The Snowball
Episode 2: Relax the Back
Episode 1: Total Face Rejuvenation
Episode 17: The Essence Of The Wings
Episode 16: Pineapple Breeze
Episode 15: Industrial Asphalt Sealant
Episode 14: Italian Food Matter
Episode 13: Pixelated Vision
Episode 12: Cuban Assimilatory Persea Plant
Episode 11: Super Saturn Moon Travel
Episode 10: Kind of Like a Seafoam Green
Episode 9: A Similar Rock Energy
Episode 8: The Impractically Carbonaro Jokers' Effect
Episode 7: Speed Thieves
Episode 6: Soliciting Statue
Episode 5: Wait, My Chair!
Episode 4: It's A Chicken, Sir
Episode 3: Bro, They're Surrounding Us!
Episode 2: Holy Moly Mirror
Episode 1: Incredibly Unsettling
Episode 26: A Living Trilobite
Episode 25: He's a Professional Dude
Episode 24: House of Horrors
Episode 23: Sets Itself, Lights Itself
Episode 22: Drone Care
Episode 21: Top Priority of NASA
Episode 20: A Positive Presence
Episode 19: Warthogs, WogHearts and Hogwarts
Episode 18: Skull with a Flower Hat
Episode 17: The Framing Canon
Episode 16: I Am Ogle Thorpe
Episode 15: Dead Man Walking
Episode 14: EggShaq
Episode 13: Fishguise
Episode 12: Deep Space Air
Episode 11: Catch the Flu
Episode 10: That's Voodoo
Episode 9: The Doughy Parts
Episode 8: Sierra Volcano
Episode 7: Take the Mirror
Episode 6: Turn to Gold
Episode 5: Amvox 73
Episode 4: The Albino Corn Snake Viper Patrol
Episode 3: Japanese Waterless Folding Toilet
Episode 2: Dangerously Drinkable
Episode 1: Just Made History
Episode 25: An Over-Grooming Situation
Episode 24: Flash Melt
Episode 23: 3D Galastical Morphin Ranging Power Tents
Episode 22: Iguanasaurs
Episode 21: An Awogami Is Ripe
Episode 20: Might be Trippin'
Episode 19: Suburban Pimp
Episode 18: Just a Milker
Episode 17: A Faux Pas to Wear
Episode 16: In Case What?!
Episode 15: Just During the Previews
Episode 14: This is Not an Orange
Episode 13: Out of Control
Episode 12: An Elevated Ferret Alert
Episode 11: Serious Déjà Vu
Episode 10: Maybe it's the Echinacea?
Episode 9: Green Friendly
Episode 8: It's a Makeshift
Episode 7: The Lizard Law
Episode 6: Don't Freeze Me!
Episode 5: Out of Bounce
Episode 4: Just Smash It Out
Episode 3: A Waddle, a Scratch...
Episode 2: A Problem with Chocolate Turtles and Seeds
Episode 1: Got the Bug Out