The Black Donnellys (2007)


Genre: Crime , Drama

Plot: Meet the Donnelly brothers: Tommy, Jimmy, Kevin and Sean. There is nothing these four Irish brothers wouldn't do to protect each other, and for them that means lying, cheating, stealing and, occasionally, calling the cops. Narrated by wannabe gangster Joey "Ice Cream," this gritty series bears witness to the Donnelly brothers' sudden involvement in organized crime, focusing on how they go from boys to mobsters, and showing how their new life affects their relationships with friends, family and lovers. Read More



Episode 13: Easy Is the Way
Episode 12: The Black Drop
Episode 11: Wasn't That Enough?
Episode 10: When the Door Opens
Episode 9: All of Us Are in the Gutter
Episode 8: In Each One a Savior
Episode 7: The Only Thing Sure
Episode 6: Run Like Hell
Episode 5: Lies
Episode 4: The World Will Break Your Heart
Episode 3: God Is a Comedian Playing to an Audience Afraid to Laugh
Episode 2: A Stone of the Heart
Episode 1: Pilot