The Big Comfy Couch (1992)


Genre: Family

Plot: The Big Comfy Couch is a Canadian children's television series about Loonette the Clown and her dolly Molly, who solve everyday problems on their "Big Comfy Couch". It aired from 1992 until early 2006. It was produced by Cheryl Wagner and Robert Mills, directed by Wayne Moss and Mills. It premiered on March 2, 1992 in Canada and in 1995 in the USA on public television stations across the country. There is also a Spanish version of the show titled, "El Sofa de mi Imaginacion". It also aired in the United Kingdom on GMTV's kids block. The show's format revolves around Loonette the Clown, who lives with her dolly Molly on the eponymous Big Comfy Couch. Episodes are generally focused on a theme or a lesson. For example, Season 3's episode "Full of Life" explored the concepts of "full" and "empty", while "Sticks and Stones" dealt with name-calling and teasing. Read More



Episode 13: Full of Life
Episode 12: Hiccups
Episode 11: Travelling Papers
Episode 10: All Fall Down
Episode 9: Pants on Fire
Episode 8: All Over and Under
Episode 7: Horsing Around
Episode 6: Sticks and Stones
Episode 5: Monkey See Monkey Do
Episode 4: Why?
Episode 3: Clownus Interruptus
Episode 2: It's About Time
Episode 1: Give Yer Head a Shake
Episode 13: Feast of Fools
Episode 12: Make It Snappy
Episode 11: Rude-I-Culous
Episode 9: I Feel Good
Episode 8: Wrong Side of the Couch
Episode 7: Hoopla
Episode 13: Snug as a Bug
Episode 12: Funny Faces
Episode 11: Ping Pong Polka
Episode 10: Gesundheit
Episode 9: Red Light, Green Light
Episode 8: Scrub-a-Dub
Episode 7: Something's Fishy Around Here
Episode 6: Flippy Floppy Fun
Episode 5: Upsey Downsey Day
Episode 4: Knit One Twirl Too
Episode 3: All Aboard For Bed
Episode 2: Pinch to Grow an Inch
Episode 1: Pie in the Sky