The Bernie Mac Show (2001)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Family

Plot: Bernie Mac is a world famous stand-up comedian living the good life in his Los Angeles home complete with beautiful wife, Wanda, and a hi-tech SUV. Life was sweet for the Mac-Man. Then one day, Bernie's sister, in Chicago, is sent to rehab for drug use and her three children: teenage Vanessa, asthmatic wheezing Jordan and sweet, innocent Bryana, are put into Bernie's custody. Raising kids is hard! Especially these kids. They always give poor Uncle Bernie trouble, making him want to "bust their heads 'til the white meat shows". Read More



Episode 22: Bernie's Angels
Episode 21: Growing Pains
Episode 20: Spinning Wheels
Episode 19: It's Never as Bad as the First Time
Episode 18: What Would Jason Do?
Episode 17: Who's Your Mama?
Episode 16: Bar Mitzvah Crashers
Episode 15: Fantasy Football
Episode 14: Exercise in Fertility: Part 2
Episode 13: Exercise in Fertility: Part 1
Episode 12: Fumes of Detente
Episode 11: Sorely Missed
Episode 10: Some Church Bull
Episode 9: Prison Break
Episode 8: Pop Pop Goes the Weasel
Episode 7: For Whom the Belt Tolls
Episode 6: Night of Terror
Episode 5: Car Wars
Episode 4: The Big Payback
Episode 3: Marathon Mac
Episode 2: Wrestling with a Sticky Situation
Episode 1: Father Knows Best
Episode 16: Walk Like a Man
Episode 15: The Music Mac
Episode 14: The Big Picture
Episode 13: I Don't Wanna Be a Playa No More
Episode 12: You Got Served
Episode 11: You Don't Know Squad
Episode 10: Manchild in Vanessa Land
Episode 9: Jack & Jacqueline
Episode 8: Stone Nuts
Episode 7: Nerdy Mac
Episode 6: Who Gives This Bride
Episode 5: My Privacy
Episode 4: Mac Overdrive
Episode 3: Being Bernie Mac
Episode 2: Stiff Upper Lip
Episode 1: Big Brother
Episode 22: Thanksgiving
Episode 21: Go Bernie, It's Your Birthday
Episode 20: Five Stages of Bryana
Episode 19: The Talk
Episode 18: That Old Mac Magic
Episode 17: Mac-Inations
Episode 16: Who's That Lady
Episode 15: Easy Rider
Episode 14: The Getaway
Episode 13: It's Mac-ademic
Episode 12: Saving Sergeant Tompkins
Episode 11: Make Room for Caddy
Episode 10: J-O-R-D-A-N Spells Funny
Episode 9: Droobie or Not Droobie
Episode 8: Family Reunion
Episode 7: It's A Wonderful Wife
Episode 6: Love Bug
Episode 5: Hair Jordan
Episode 4: Laughing Matters
Episode 3: Road to Tradition
Episode 2: Love Thy Nephew
Episode 1: Eye of the Tiger
Episode 22: For a Few Dollars More
Episode 21: Meet The Grandparents
Episode 20: The Other Sister
Episode 19: Nut Job
Episode 18: Maid Man
Episode 17: The Incredible Bulk
Episode 16: Chess Wars
Episode 15: Pink Gold
Episode 14: Leaving Los Angeles
Episode 13: Raging Election
Episode 12: Magic Jordan
Episode 11: Bernie Mac Rope-a-Dope
Episode 10: Sin Cup
Episode 9: The Sweet Life
Episode 8: The United Front
Episode 7: Tryptophan-tasy
Episode 6: Bernie Mac Dance Party
Episode 5: Welcome to the Jungle
Episode 4: Mac Local 137
Episode 3: Carfool
Episode 2: Goodbye Dolly
Episode 1: Keep It on the Short Grass
Episode 22: Sweet Home Chicago (2)
Episode 21: Sweet Home Chicago (1)
Episode 20: Kelly's Heroes
Episode 19: Secrets and Lies
Episode 18: Stop Having Sex
Episode 17: If I Were N-Riched Man
Episode 16: Mac 101
Episode 15: Lock Down
Episode 14: Back in the Day
Episode 13: Handle Your Business
Episode 12: Hall of Fame
Episode 11: The King and I
Episode 10: Wanda's Week Off
Episode 9: Hot Hot Hot
Episode 8: Starting School
Episode 7: A Christmas Story
Episode 6: Here To Stay
Episode 5: Saving Bernie Mac
Episode 4: Bernie Mac, Ladies Man
Episode 3: The Main Event
Episode 2: Now You Got It
Episode 1: Pilot