The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)


Genre: Animation , Action , Family , Sci-fi , Na , Adventure

Plot: In New York City, there is a mass breakout of supervillains from various S.H.I.E.L.D prisons by a mysterious mastermind. Against this threat that no single hero could have withstood, Iron Man, Giant Man, the Wasp, Thor and the Hulk work together to defeat the menace. Inspired by this victory, Iron Man convinces the others to form a permanent team, The Avengers, for the cause of justice. Together, these superheroes face new challenges, members, friends and foes as they assemble for them as one. Read More



Episode 26: Avengers Assemble!
Episode 25: Live Kree or Die
Episode 24: Operation Galactic Storm
Episode 23: New Avengers
Episode 22: The Deadliest Man Alive
Episode 21: Winter Soldier
Episode 20: Code Red
Episode 19: Emperor Stark
Episode 18: Yellowjacket
Episode 17: Ultron Unlimited
Episode 16: Assault on 42
Episode 15: Powerless
Episode 14: Behold…The Vision
Episode 13: Along Came a Spider…
Episode 12: Secret Invasion
Episode 11: Infiltration
Episode 10: Prisoner of War
Episode 9: Nightmare in Red
Episode 8: The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill
Episode 7: Who Do You Trust?
Episode 6: Michael Korvac
Episode 5: To Steal an Ant-Man
Episode 4: Welcome to the Kree Empire
Episode 3: Acts of Vengeance
Episode 2: Alone Against A.I.M.
Episode 1: The Private War of Doctor Doom
Episode 26: A Day Unlike Any Other
Episode 25: The Fall of Asgard
Episode 24: This Hostage Earth
Episode 23: The Ultron Imperative
Episode 22: Ultron-5
Episode 21: Hail, Hydra!
Episode 20: The Casket of Ancient Winters
Episode 19: The Kang Dynasty
Episode 18: Come the Conqueror
Episode 17: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow
Episode 16: Widow's Sting
Episode 15: 459
Episode 14: Masters of Evil
Episode 13: Gamma World (2)
Episode 12: Gamma World (1)
Episode 11: Panther's Quest
Episode 10: Everything Is Wonderful
Episode 9: Living Legend
Episode 8: Some Assembly Required
Episode 7: The Man in the Ant Hill
Episode 6: Meet Captain America
Episode 5: Hulk Versus the World
Episode 4: Thor the Mighty
Episode 3: Iron Man is Born
Episode 2: Breakout (2)
Episode 1: Breakout (1)