The Avengers (1961)


Plot: John Steed (Patrick Macnee) works for British Intelligence and works with various partners, notably: Dr. David Keel (Ian Hendry) (season one), Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) (seasons two and three), Emma Peel (Dame Diana Rigg) (seasons four, five, and six), and Tara King (Linda Thorson) (season seven). The problems he finds are always a bit odd, just on the edge of science fiction (cyborg killers, a city built under a disused coal mine, a gang put together for adrenaline junkies, and a killer who used a concentrated cold virus to kill his victims by having them sneeze to death). Steed is always the ultimate in culture and grace as he saves the world each week. Read More



Episode 33: Bizarre
Episode 32: Get-A-Way
Episode 31: Pandora
Episode 30: Take-Over
Episode 29: Requiem
Episode 28: My Wildest Dream
Episode 27: Thingumajig
Episode 26: Homicide and Old Lace
Episode 25: Who Was That Man I Saw You with?
Episode 24: Fog
Episode 23: Take Me to Your Leader
Episode 22: Stay Tuned
Episode 21: Love All
Episode 20: Wish You Were Here
Episode 19: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
Episode 18: The Morning After
Episode 17: Killer
Episode 16: Invasion of the Earthmen
Episode 15: The Rotters
Episode 14: The Interrogators
Episode 13: They Keep Killing Steed
Episode 12: Have Guns- Will Haggle
Episode 11: Look- (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers...
Episode 10: Noon Doomsday
Episode 9: Legacy of Death
Episode 8: All Done with Mirrors
Episode 7: False Witness
Episode 6: Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40
Episode 5: Split!
Episode 4: You'll Catch Your Death
Episode 3: Super Secret Cypher Snatch
Episode 2: Game
Episode 1: The Forget-Me-Knot
Episode 24: Mission: Highly Improbable
Episode 23: Murdersville
Episode 22: The Positive-Negative Man
Episode 21: You Have Just Been Murdered
Episode 20: Dead Man's Treasure
Episode 19: The £50,000 Breakfast
Episode 18: Death's Door
Episode 17: Return of the Cybernauts
Episode 16: Who's Who?
Episode 15: The Joker
Episode 14: Something Nasty in the Nursery
Episode 13: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station
Episode 12: The Superlative Seven
Episode 11: Epic
Episode 10: Never, Never Say Die
Episode 9: The Correct Way to Kill
Episode 8: The Hidden Tiger
Episode 7: The Living Dead
Episode 6: The Winged Avenger
Episode 5: The Bird Who Knew Too Much
Episode 4: The See-Through Man
Episode 3: Escape in Time
Episode 2: The Fear Merchants
Episode 1: From Venus with Love
Episode 26: Honey for the Prince
Episode 25: How to Succeed... at Murder
Episode 24: A Sense of History
Episode 23: The House That Jack Built
Episode 22: What the Butler Saw
Episode 21: A Touch of Brimstone
Episode 20: The Danger Makers
Episode 19: Quick-Quick Slow Death
Episode 18: The Thirteenth Hole
Episode 17: The Girl from Auntie
Episode 16: Small Game for Big Hunters
Episode 15: Room Without a View
Episode 14: Silent Dust
Episode 13: Too Many Christmas Trees
Episode 12: Two's a Crowd
Episode 11: Man-Eater of Surrey Green
Episode 10: Dial a Deadly Number
Episode 9: The Hour That Never Was
Episode 8: A Surfeit of H2O
Episode 7: The Murder Market
Episode 6: The Master Minds
Episode 5: Castle De'ath
Episode 4: Death at Bargain Prices
Episode 3: The Cybernauts
Episode 2: The Gravediggers
Episode 1: The Town of No Return
Episode 26: Lobster Quadrille
Episode 25: Esprit de Corps
Episode 24: Concerto
Episode 23: The Charmers
Episode 22: The Outside-In Man
Episode 21: Build a Better Mousetrap
Episode 20: Trojan Horse
Episode 19: The Secrets Broker
Episode 18: Mandrake
Episode 17: The Wringer
Episode 16: The Little Wonders
Episode 15: The White Elephant
Episode 14: Dressed to Kill
Episode 13: Death A La Carte
Episode 12: Don't Look Behind You
Episode 11: The Golden Fleece
Episode 10: The Grandeur That Was Rome
Episode 9: The Medicine Men
Episode 8: Second Sight
Episode 7: The Gilded Cage
Episode 6: November Five
Episode 5: Death of a Batman
Episode 4: The Nutshell
Episode 3: Man with Two Shadows
Episode 2: The Undertakers
Episode 1: Brief for Murder
Episode 26: Killer Whale
Episode 25: Six Hands Across a Table
Episode 24: A Chorus of Frogs
Episode 23: Conspiracy of Silence
Episode 22: Man in the Mirror
Episode 21: The White Dwarf
Episode 20: School for Traitors
Episode 19: The Golden Eggs
Episode 18: Warlock
Episode 17: Box of Tricks
Episode 16: Immortal Clay
Episode 15: Intercrime
Episode 14: Dead on Course
Episode 13: Death Dispatch
Episode 12: The Big Thinker
Episode 11: Traitor in Zebra
Episode 10: Death on the Rocks
Episode 9: The Sell-Out
Episode 8: Death of a Great Dane
Episode 7: The Mauritius Penny
Episode 6: The Removal Men
Episode 5: Mission to Montreal
Episode 4: Bullseye
Episode 3: The Decapod
Episode 2: Propellant 23
Episode 1: Mr Teddy Bear
Episode 15: The Frighteners
Episode 6: Girl on the Trapeze
Episode 1: Hot Snow