The American Barbecue Showdown (2020)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Follow the country’s best backyard smokers and competitive barbecuers as they compete for the title of "American Barbecue Champion." Each episode sees the judges task the cookers with a challenge that will test their barbecue skills in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine. From unique meats to old school techniques, they will have to prove they have the skills to smoke another day. Read More



Episode 8: The. Whole. Hog.
Episode 7: Barbecue Around the World
Episode 6: Cooking It Old School
Episode 5: Raccoon, Iguana and Hare - Oh My!
Episode 4: Tournament of Sandwiches
Episode 3: Don’t Need Teeth to Eat This Beef
Episode 2: Red, White and Barbecue
Episode 1: Barbecue in the Blood