The Amazing Race Canada (2013)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The Amazing Race Canada provides a uniquely Canadian take on the original series, with competitors discovering the world within the borders of Canada.. and beyond! Read More



Episode 11: I Had One Job
Episode 10: He's Basically A Hound
Episode 9: Another Day In Thunder Bay
Episode 8: Open Your Bouche
Episode 7: Balls, Balls, Balls
Episode 6: I'm a Little Muskrat on a Mission
Episode 5: Clamageddon Continues
Episode 4: I Love Geologists
Episode 3: We'll Let the Peasants Fight for Last Place
Episode 2: Our Competition's Not That Smart
Episode 1: Canada Get More Maps
Episode 11: The Summer of Heroes
Episode 10: The Plan is Simple. Win!
Episode 9: The Battle of the Two Courtneys
Episode 8: The Zombies Are Honing In On Us
Episode 7: Poodle Time
Episode 6: Smells Like Sweat and Fun
Episode 5: You Gotta Whip That Cream
Episode 4: Just Suck My Blood Please
Episode 3: Sounds Like a Wild Boar
Episode 2: Fiddler's Fart
Episode 1: Just a Beaver Hero
Episode 11: Canada's Coming Together Like a Piece of Cake
Episode 9: It's Like Finding Waldo in a Bunch of Waldos
Episode 3: It's Like Ducks In the Forest
Episode 2: You've Got to Leave My Hose Alone Dude!
Episode 1: Who Wants to Be the Python?