The Almighty Johnsons (2011)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy

Plot: The Almighty Johnsons is a new South Pacific Pictures comedy-drama series about four brothers, raised in heartland New Zealand, who also happen to be the living incarnations of Norse Gods. They even have their own super-god-powers. Sort of - it's just that their powers aren't actually all that powerful. Well, not yet - but that could all change soon. Read More



Episode 13: The End of the World As We Know It
Episode 12: Late to the Point of Knowledge
Episode 11: A Bit Like Buses Really
Episode 10: Playing God
Episode 9: Mike in the Mirror
Episode 8: The Asparagus is Kicking In
Episode 7: Typical Auckland God
Episode 6: And Then On to Norsewood
Episode 5: Unleash the Kraken!
Episode 4: Like the Beserkers of Old
Episode 3: Bergerbar
Episode 2: This Thing Inside
Episode 1: An Orchard of Trees
Episode 11: The House Of Jerome
Episode 10: Magical Fluffy Bunny World
Episode 9: Everything Starts With Gaia
Episode 8: Man-Flu
Episode 7: Effortless Manly Coolness
Episode 6: Folkmoot
Episode 5: A Damn Fine Woman
Episode 4: Death's Cleansing Embrace
Episode 3: Charlie Truman
Episode 2: Frigg Magnet
Episode 1: And Then She Will Come To You
Episode 10: Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice
Episode 9: Hunting Reindeer On Slippery Rocks
Episode 8: I Can Give You Frigg
Episode 7: Bad Things Happen
Episode 6: Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms
Episode 5: This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend
Episode 4: You Gotta Love Life, Babe
Episode 3: God's Gift to Zebras
Episode 2: This Is Where Duty Starts
Episode 1: It's Kind of a Birthday Present