The Alaska Triangle (2020)


Genre: History , Mystery

Plot: "The Alaska Triangle" is a Travel Channel series that explores an area in Alaska known for unusual activity, including mysterious disappearances, sightings of strange creatures, lights in the sky, and encounters with ghosts. Some experts speculate that ley lines or electromagnetic anomalies may be causing these bizarre occurrences within the Triangle. Read More



Episode 10: Alaskan Bigfoot and Mysterious Forcefields of the Triangle
Episode 9: The Secrets of Mount Hayes
Episode 8: The Mystery of Flight 1628 and The Giant Thunderbird
Episode 7: Alaskan Underwater UFOs and Ghost Ships of the Triangle
Episode 6: The Alaskan Titanic
Episode 5: Alaska's Most Haunted Building and Curse of the Kushtaka
Episode 4: Haunted Cabin and Alaskan Giants
Episode 3: The Alaskan Loch Ness Monster
Episode 2: The Hairyman of Port Chatham and Frozen in Ice
Episode 1: The Missing Douglas