The Age of A.I. (2019)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artifial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world: We are at the dawn of a new age and the implications of AI technology for humans are almost unimaginable. Welcome to The Age of AI. Robert Downey Jr. hosts a brand new YouTube Originals series - The Age of AI. Discover the most innovative and leading technologies that will change the world forever. Technology is moving faster than ever, and it’s taking less time to be widely adopted. Join host Rober Downey Jr. to explore the depths of this fascinating, gripping technology. Read More



Episode 8: How A.I. is searching for Aliens
Episode 7: Saving the world one algorithm at a time
Episode 6: Will a robot take my job?
Episode 5: The 'Space Architects' of Mars
Episode 4: Love, art and stories: decoded
Episode 3: Using A.I. to build a better human
Episode 2: Healed through A.I.
Episode 1: How Far is Too Far?