The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2002)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: Follows James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron (Debi Derryberry), his faithful robotic dog, Goddard (Frank Welker), and his eclectic friends and family as they experience life in Retroville. Jimmy is a typical kid, who just happens to be a genius. He creates gadgets to improve his everyday life, but his inventions go awry more often then not, and hilarious trouble ensues. Read More



Episode 21: King of Mars
Episode 20: Lady Sings the News
Episode 19: How to Sink a Sub
Episode 18: Flippy
Episode 17: Who Framed Jimmy
Episode 16: Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius
Episode 15: The Evil Beneath
Episode 14: The Trouble with Clones
Episode 13: Vanishing Act
Episode 12: One of Us
Episode 11: Incredible Shrinking Town
Episode 10: Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen
Episode 9: My Big Fat Spy Wedding
Episode 8: Clash of the Cousins
Episode 7: Who's Your Mommy
Episode 6: Jimmy Goes to College
Episode 5: Stranded
Episode 4: Fundemonium
Episode 3: The Tomorrow Boys
Episode 2: The N Men
Episode 1: Lights! Camera! Danger!
Episode 17: Foul Bull
Episode 16: The Junkman Cometh
Episode 15: Out, Darn Spotlight
Episode 14: The Feud
Episode 13: The Great Egg Heist
Episode 12: Send in the Clones
Episode 11: MaternoTron Knows Best
Episode 10: Sheen's Brain
Episode 9: Love Potion #976/J
Episode 8: Holly Jolly Jimmy
Episode 7: Return of the Nanobots
Episode 6: Jimmy For President
Episode 5: Monster Hunt
Episode 4: Nightmare in Retroville
Episode 3: Grumpy Young Men
Episode 2: The Retroville 9
Episode 1: Beach Party Mummy
Episode 16: Hall Monster
Episode 15: My Son, the Hamster
Episode 14: The Phantom of Retroland
Episode 13: Trading Faces
Episode 12: See Jimmy Run
Episode 11: Battle of the Band
Episode 10: Jimmy On Ice
Episode 9: I Dream of Jimmy
Episode 8: Raise The Oozy Scab
Episode 7: Time Is Money
Episode 6: Granny Baby
Episode 5: The Big Pinch
Episode 4: Brobot
Episode 3: Birth of a Salesman
Episode 2: Normal Boy
Episode 1: When Pants Attack