The Addams Family (1973)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: The Addams Family is not your typical family: they take delight in most of the things that "normal" people would be terrified of. Gomez Adams is an extremely wealthy man, and is able to indulge his wife Morticia's every desire: be it cultivation of poisonous plants, or a candlelit dinner in a graveyard. People visiting the Addams Family just don't seem to appreciate the 7 foot tall butler "Lurch" or the helping hand (which is just a disembodied hand" named "Thing". Read More



Episode 16: The Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby
Episode 15: The Addams Family Goes West
Episode 14: The Roller Derby Story
Episode 13: The Voodoo Story
Episode 12: The Addams Family at Sea
Episode 11: The Circus Story
Episode 10: Ghost Town
Episode 9: The Great Balloon Race
Episode 8: The Reluctant Astronauts' Trip to the Moon
Episode 7: Aloha, Hoolamagoola
Episode 6: Follow That Loaf of Bread
Episode 5: The Mardi Gras Story
Episode 4: The Fastest Creepy Camper in the West
Episode 3: Boola Boola
Episode 2: Left in the Lurch
Episode 1: The Addams Family in New York