That's So Raven (2003)


Plot: Oh, snap! Teenager Raven Baxter has a special talent: she frequently gets spotty visions of the future, seeing brief glimpses of what could or will come to pass. Her best friends, Eddie and Chelsea, try to help her interpret and sometimes change the future they assume she has seen. In order to keep her talent a secret, Raven must decide whether she will sabotage Eddie’s big basketball game. Raven wonders if she can continue to fit in with her friends or would it be easier to only have friends that share her special skill? Read More



Episode 22: Where There's Smoke
Episode 21: The Way We Were
Episode 20: Teacher's Pet
Episode 19: The Dress is Always Greener
Episode 18: Rae of Sunshine
Episode 17: The Ice Girl Cometh
Episode 16: Members Only
Episode 15: Soup to Nuts
Episode 14: When 6021 Met 4267
Episode 13: Mad Hot Cotillion
Episode 12: Fur Better or Worse
Episode 11: Checkin' Out (I)
Episode 10: Sister Act
Episode 9: Juicer Consequences
Episode 8: Be Prepared
Episode 7: Driving Miss Lazy
Episode 6: Hook Up My Space
Episode 5: Adventures in Boss Sitting
Episode 4: Unhappy Medium
Episode 3: Dues and Don'ts
Episode 2: Pin Pals
Episode 1: Raven, Sydney and the Man
Episode 30: Mr. Perfect
Episode 29: Food for Thought
Episode 28: Country Cousins (II)
Episode 27: Country Cousins (I)
Episode 26: Point of No Return
Episode 25: The Grill Next Door
Episode 23: Too Much Pressure
Episode 22: When in Dome
Episode 19: Hizzouse Party
Episode 18: Mind Your Own Business
Episode 17: They Worked Hard For His Honey
Episode 16: On Top of Old Oakey
Episode 15: Gettin' Outta Dodge
Episode 14: Boyz 'N Commotion
Episode 13: Art Breaker
Episode 12: Royal Treatment
Episode 11: Dog Day Aftergroom
Episode 10: True Colors
Episode 9: The Big Buzz
Episode 8: Bend It Like Baxter
Episode 7: Double Vision
Episode 6: Sweeps
Episode 5: Five Finger Discount
Episode 4: Taken to the Cleaners
Episode 2: Stark Raven Mad
Episode 1: Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy
Episode 22: Shake, Rattle, and Rae
Episode 21: My Big Fat Pizza Party
Episode 20: Numb and Number
Episode 19: The Lying Game
Episode 18: The Road to Audition
Episode 17: The Dating Shame
Episode 16: Skunk'd
Episode 15: He's Got the Power
Episode 14: A Goat's Tale
Episode 13: Radio Heads
Episode 11: Leave It to Diva
Episode 10: Spa Day Afternoon
Episode 9: Blue in the Face
Episode 8: That's So Not Raven
Episode 7: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
Episode 6: Hearts and Minds
Episode 5: Four's a Crowd
Episode 4: Clothes Minded
Episode 3: Run, Raven, Run
Episode 2: Don't Have a Cow
Episode 1: Out of Control
Episode 21: To See or Not to See
Episode 20: Separation Anxiety
Episode 19: Escape Claus
Episode 18: If I Only Had a Job
Episode 17: Psychics Wanted
Episode 16: A Fight at the Opera
Episode 15: Saturday Afternoon Fever
Episode 14: A Dog by Any Other Name
Episode 13: Driven to Insanity
Episode 12: Teach Your Children Well
Episode 11: Dissin' Cousins
Episode 10: Ye Olde Dating Game
Episode 9: The Parties
Episode 8: Saving Psychic Raven
Episode 7: Campaign in the Neck
Episode 6: Smell of Victory
Episode 4: Wake Up, Victor
Episode 3: Party Animal
Episode 2: Test of Friendship
Episode 1: Mother Dearest