Terry and June (1979)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Terry and June Medford are both middle aged and beginning to find the trials of life are more difficult as they try to succeed in their daily lives. The couple have just moved to Purley, south-east London... Aunt Lucy and the mynah bird had disappeared, as had the occasionally visiting daughters. Terry and June now mixed with a friendly next door neighbour, Beattie; Terry's chatty work colleague, Malcolm; and their gruff boss Sir Dennis Hodge. Otherwise, things were much as before, with Terry's pigheaded childishness causing no end of problems, usually thwarting June's attempts at leading a cosy life. Read More



Episode 7: The Family Way
Episode 6: Of Human Bondage
Episode 5: Bats In The Belfry
Episode 4: The Eye of the Householder
Episode 3: They Also Serve
Episode 2: The Mole
Episode 1: Age Before Beauty
Episode 13: Pantomania
Episode 12: Lover, Come Back to Me
Episode 11: Mistaken Identikit
Episode 10: Ill Met By Moonlight
Episode 9: The Dish
Episode 8: The Sporting Life
Episode 7: Terry in Court
Episode 6: A Question of Property
Episode 5: Death of a Salesman
Episode 4: New Doors for Old
Episode 3: One Arabian Night
Episode 2: Unfaithfully Yours
Episode 1: Many a Slip
Episode 6: The Artistic Touch
Episode 5: Pardon My Dust
Episode 4: Too Many Cooks
Episode 3: The Raft Race
Episode 2: One Little Pig
Episode 1: Photo Finish
Episode 6: Thanks For The Memory
Episode 5: Tea And No Sympathy
Episode 4: Strictly For The Birds
Episode 3: A Day In Boulogne
Episode 2: Wine, Woman And So Long
Episode 1: Strictly Off The Record
Episode 6: In Sickness And In Health
Episode 5: June's Holiday Weekend
Episode 4: Friends And Neighbours
Episode 2: Stars On Sunday
Episode 1: The Lawnmower
Episode 6: Animal Crackers
Episode 5: Writing on the Wall
Episode 4: A Bridge Too Far
Episode 3: Flying Carpets
Episode 2: On The Move
Episode 1: Long Weekend