Terrorism Close Calls (2018)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: The war on terror is everywhere and anywhere. In this series, we learn about the deadly terrorist attacks that almost happened or were not as deadly as planned. Each episodes explores a recently declassified terrorist scheme intended to cause mass casualties. Read More



Episode 10: German Jihad & The EURO Plot
Episode 9: Australian Anzac Day Plot
Episode 8: The Israel Honey Trap
Episode 7: The Sauerland Cell: Plot to Kill U.S. Soldiers
Episode 6: Martin Luther King Day Plot
Episode 5: “Operation Overt”: Seven Planes – Seven Bombs
Episode 4: The Saudi Ambassador, The Car Salesman, & The Mexican Cartel: Manssour Arbabsiar
Episode 3: Cargo Plot: Bombs On The Plane
Episode 2: The Student Bomb Maker: Khalid Aldawsari