Teenage Euthanasia (2021)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: Set in near-future inland Florida, Teenage Euthanasia centers around the owners of Tender Endings funeral home, the Fantasy Family: Grandma Baba, her adult children Uncle Pete and Trophy, and Trophy's teenage daughter, Euthanasia ("Annie"), a name accidentally given to her during the time of Trophy's own unbearable suffering. Back when Trophy was a teen herself; she ran away from home after giving birth to Annie, leaving her newborn to be raised by Baba and Uncle Pete. Now, 15 years later, Trophy returns to Tender Endings...as a corpse, for burial. When a bolt of lightning strikes Baba's homemade embalming fluid and one of Annie's tears, Trophy comes back from the dead. As a resurrected woman, Trophy has a variety of quasi-useful death powers. But more importantly, she has a second chance at unplanned parenthood. Read More



Episode 7: Dada M.I.A.
Episode 6: Adventures in Beetle Sitting
Episode 5: Suddenly Susan
Episode 4: The Bad Bang Theory
Episode 3: First Date With the Second Coming
Episode 2: Teen Eggs and Scram
Episode 1: Nobody Beats the Baba