Teen Mom 2 (2011)


Genre: Documentary , Reality-tv

Plot: A spin-off of the MTV documentary series '16 and Pregnant'. The show follows the stories of four girls from the second season of '16 and Pregnant' and documents the challenges of their first years of motherhood. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age - all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother. Each story offers a unique look into the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face: marriage, relationships, family support, or lack thereof, adoption, finances, rumors among the community, graduating high school, starting college, getting (or losing) a job and the daunting and exciting step of moving out of the nest to create their own families. Read More



Episode 4: Episode 4
Episode 3: Level Up
Episode 2: Just Say Yes
Episode 1: Episode 1
Episode 21: Level Up
Episode 20: Just Say Yes
Episode 19: Spring Has Sprung
Episode 18: Under the Big Top
Episode 17: Just Don’t Sink It
Episode 16: Say OK
Episode 15: Tongue-Tied
Episode 14: Bizarre New World
Episode 13: Not So Normal Times
Episode 12: Remote Control
Episode 11: Until the World Ends
Episode 10: Do Something
Episode 9: Piece of Me
Episode 8: Impossible Choice
Episode 7: Dilemmas and Debacles
Episode 6: Where Have You Been?
Episode 5: Taking Charge
Episode 4: Hello From the Other Side
Episode 3: Blood and Water
Episode 2: About Last Night
Episode 1: New Season, Old Wounds
Episode 36: Season 9b Reunion Part 3
Episode 33: Bear
Episode 32: Don't Miss the Sunset
Episode 31: Sugar-Coated Mood
Episode 30: Bear
Episode 29: Don't Miss the Sunset
Episode 28: Sugar-Coated Mood
Episode 27: Bailout
Episode 26: Normal Parents
Episode 25: Getting Lei'd
Episode 24: Make It or Break It
Episode 23: Walking The Walk
Episode 22: Truth Hurts
Episode 21: Direct Message
Episode 20: Welcome to the Jungle
Episode 19: Hey Girl Hey
Episode 18: Family Portrait
Episode 17: Checks And Balances
Episode 16: He Didn't Look Like A Prince
Episode 15: Bow Down
Episode 14: Something We Said
Episode 13: Home Is Home
Episode 12: Do the Dangle
Episode 11: Peace Gathering
Episode 10: This Can Go One of Two Ways
Episode 9: Momster Mash
Episode 8: Cold War
Episode 7: Surprise!
Episode 6: Cry It Out
Episode 5: Shutting Down
Episode 4: Don't Wanna Go Home
Episode 3: Hurricane
Episode 2: Reconnect
Episode 1: Dot Dot Dot
Episode 34: Reunion (Part 2)
Episode 33: Reunion (Part 1)
Episode 32: Reunion: Behind The Screams
Episode 31: On The Mend
Episode 30: Road Rage
Episode 29: Trouble In Paradise
Episode 28: Forgot About Dre
Episode 27: Thirsty
Episode 26: Access Issues
Episode 25: Quicksand
Episode 24: Unicorn Poop
Episode 23: Bitter Baby Mama
Episode 22: The Hangover
Episode 21: Drama's For Nerds, Part 2: Hallway To Hell
Episode 20: Drama's For Nerds, Part 1
Episode 19: Not to Stir the Pot, But...
Episode 18: The Ties That Bind
Episode 17: In Sod We Trust
Episode 16: Emotional Rollercoaster
Episode 15: Love You, Mean It
Episode 14: Oh, the Places You'll Go
Episode 13: Winter in Summer
Episode 11: Swiping and Griping
Episode 10: Welcome to a Puerto Rican Baby Shower
Episode 9: Playing Family Picnic
Episode 8: On the Hunt
Episode 7: Motherducker
Episode 6: Unfinished Sentences
Episode 5: Lips Don't Lie
Episode 4: Surprise!
Episode 3: Low Key
Episode 2: Down That Route
Episode 1: And Then There Were Five
Episode 27: Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 2
Episode 25: Behind the Scenes
Episode 24: Cherries and Flowers
Episode 23: Ready or Not
Episode 22: Low Blows
Episode 21: I Don't Wanna Talk About It
Episode 20: Fake Out
Episode 19: Last To Know
Episode 18: Heartache
Episode 17: Privacy Please
Episode 16: Homecoming
Episode 15: 100
Episode 14: Deja Vu
Episode 13: Breaking the Wall
Episode 12: Gone Fishin'
Episode 11: Turn the Page
Episode 10: Choose Your Battles
Episode 9: While You Were Out
Episode 8: Didn't Mean It
Episode 7: Man of the House
Episode 6: Hindsight
Episode 5: No Access
Episode 4: Iced Out
Episode 3: Breaking Apart
Episode 2: In The Dark
Episode 1: Here We Go Again
Episode 11: Sorry Not Sorry
Episode 10: Expect a Miracle
Episode 9: Run Away
Episode 8: What Makes You Happy
Episode 7: Wanna Love You
Episode 6: Walk Out
Episode 5: Can't Trust Them
Episode 4: Not Good Enough
Episode 3: No Apologies
Episode 27: Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 2
Episode 26: Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 1
Episode 6: Fall to Pieces
Episode 3: The Future Is Now
Episode 12: A Means to an End
Episode 11: Breakdown
Episode 10: Half Empty Half Full
Episode 9: A New Direction
Episode 8: Caught In The Middle
Episode 7: Building Blocks
Episode 6: A Leap of Faith
Episode 5: Second Chances
Episode 4: Life Goes On
Episode 3: Things Come to an End
Episode 2: Keeping Hope Alive
Episode 1: Walk the Line
Episode 1: Nothing Stays the Same