Team Umizoomi (2010)


Genre: Animation , Family

Plot: Team Umizoomi is an American 2010 Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon TV show, involving preschool math concepts. Milli, Geo, Bot, and the child who is watching the show uses their 'Mighty Math Powers!' to help in everyday problems. Team Umizoomi looks for problems in Umicity in Bot's Belly, Belly, Belly Screen! They live in Umicity. The show first aired in January 25, 2010. Milli is a measurement expert and has pattern powers. Geo uses shapes to build stuff that Team Umizoomi may need. Bot uses his Belly, Belly, Belly Screen to video call people who need help. This show is appropriate for young children and it teaches math. Team Umizoomi calls the viewer Umifriend and encourages the Umifriend to help them as they develop his/her Mighty Math Powers, just like Team Umizoomi. Read More



Episode 19: Umi Rescue Copter
Episode 18: Umi Space Heroes
Episode 17: Gizmos Gone Wild
Episode 16: Sleeping UmiCar
Episode 15: Lost Fairy Tales in the City
Episode 14: Umi Knights
Episode 13: UmiCops!
Episode 12: Umi Ninjas
Episode 11: Movie Madness!
Episode 10: Gloopy Fly Home
Episode 9: Umi Grand Prix
Episode 8: Meatball Madness
Episode 7: Stolen Lunches
Episode 6: Little Panda Joe
Episode 5: The Sunshine Fairy
Episode 4: Robo Tools
Episode 3: UmiCar's Birthday Present
Episode 2: City of Lost Penguins
Episode 1: The Boy With the Dragon Skateboard
Episode 19: Journey To Numberland
Episode 18: Shark Car
Episode 17: The Legend of the Blue Mermaid
Episode 16: Umi Egg Hunt
Episode 15: Ellee the Elephant
Episode 14: Umi Fire Truck
Episode 13: Milli Saves the Day
Episode 12: Crazy Skates
Episode 11: Counting Comet
Episode 10: Super Soap
Episode 9: Day at the Museum
Episode 8: Purple Monkey Mission
Episode 7: The Great UmiCar Rescue
Episode 6: Santa's Little Fixers
Episode 5: The Ghost Family Costume Party
Episode 4: Chicks in the City
Episode 3: The Big Boat Race
Episode 2: Favorite Things Show
Episode 1: Race Around Umi City
Episode 19: The Big Boat Race
Episode 18: Favorite Things Show
Episode 17: To The Library
Episode 16: Playground Heroes
Episode 15: The Elephant Sprinkler
Episode 14: The Butterfly Dance Show
Episode 13: The Wild West Toy Train Show
Episode 12: Ice Cream Truck
Episode 11: Ready for Take-Off
Episode 10: Special Delivery
Episode 9: The Rolling Toy Parade
Episode 8: The Dinosaur Museum Mishap
Episode 7: The Milk Out
Episode 6: Subway Heroes
Episode 5: Super Trip to the Supermarket
Episode 4: Picnic
Episode 3: Carnival
Episode 2: The Aquarium Fix-It
Episode 1: The Kite Festival