Taxi Brooklyn (2014)


Genre: Action , Comedy , Crime , Drama

Plot: Caitlin "Cat" Sullivan is an NYPD detective working in Brooklyn. After her driving privileges are suspended, she relies on Leo Romba, a highly skilled Brooklyn cab driver from France. Leo becomes Cat's driver and a consultant on her cases. While solving crimes with Leo, Cat is also running her own unauthorized investigation into the death of her father, an NYPD detective thought to have been executed by the Capella crime family. In doing so, she clashes with her boss, Captain Baker, and her ex-husband Gregg, who has picked up the case for the FBI. Read More



Episode 12: Revenge
Episode 11: Frenchmen Can't Jump
Episode 10: The Longest Night
Episode 9: Double Identity
Episode 8: Deadline Brooklyn
Episode 7: Black Widow
Episode 6: Love Hurts
Episode 5: Ambush
Episode 4: Precious Cargo
Episode 3: Cherchez les Femmes
Episode 2: Brooklyn Heights
Episode 1: Pilot