Taxi (1978)


Plot: Taxi's success was due to its excellent writing, Burrows's award-winning directing using his innovative four-camera technique, and its largely unknown but talented cast. Danny DeVito's Louie DePalma soon became one of the most despised men on television--possibly the most unredeemable and worthless louse of a character ever to reside on the small screen. Andy Kaufman's foreign mechanic Latka Gravas provided over-the-top comedy within an ensemble emphasizing subtle character humor. Read More



Episode 24: Simka's Monthlies
Episode 23: A Grand Gesture
Episode 22: Jim's Mario's
Episode 21: Tony's Baby
Episode 20: Arnie Meets the Kids
Episode 19: Louie and the Blind Girl
Episode 18: Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame
Episode 17: A Taxi Celebration (2)
Episode 16: A Taxi Celebration (1)
Episode 15: Sugar Ray Nardo
Episode 14: Alex's Old Buddy
Episode 13: Louie Moves Uptown
Episode 12: Get Me Through the Holidays
Episode 11: Zena's Honeymoon
Episode 10: Elaine and the Monk
Episode 9: Travels with My Dad
Episode 8: Louie's Revenge
Episode 7: Alex the Gofer
Episode 6: Crime and Punishment
Episode 5: Scenskees from a Marriage (2)
Episode 4: Scenskees from a Marriage (1)
Episode 3: Alex Goes off the Wagon
Episode 2: Jim's Inheritance
Episode 1: Love Un-American Style
Episode 24: The Road Not Taken (2)
Episode 23: The Road Not Taken (1)
Episode 22: Cooking for Two
Episode 21: The Wedding of Latka and Simka
Episode 20: Elegant Iggy
Episode 19: Tony's Comeback
Episode 18: The Unkindest Cut
Episode 17: Take My Ex-Wife, Please
Episode 16: Jim and the Kid
Episode 15: Simka Returns
Episode 14: Tony's Lady
Episode 13: Nina Loves Alex
Episode 12: Bobby Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Episode 11: I Wanna Be Around
Episode 10: Louie Goes Too Far
Episode 9: Of Mice and Tony
Episode 8: Fledgling
Episode 7: Louie's Mom Remarries
Episode 6: Like Father, Like Son
Episode 5: Louie's Fling
Episode 4: Jim Joins the Network
Episode 3: Mr. Personalities
Episode 2: Vienna Waits
Episode 1: Jim the Psychic
Episode 20: Latka the Playboy
Episode 19: On the Job (2)
Episode 18: On the Job (1)
Episode 17: Bobby and the Critic
Episode 16: Louie Bumps into an Old Lady
Episode 15: Bobby's Roomate
Episode 14: Louie's Mother
Episode 13: Zen and the Art of Cab Driving
Episode 12: Out of Commission
Episode 11: Elaine's Old Friend
Episode 10: The Costume Party
Episode 9: Thy Boss's Wife
Episode 8: Latka's Cookies
Episode 7: The Call of the Mild
Episode 6: The Ten Percent Solution
Episode 5: Going Home
Episode 4: Elaine's Strange Triangle
Episode 3: Fathers of the Bride
Episode 2: Tony's Sister and Jim
Episode 1: Louie's Rival
Episode 24: Fantasy Borough (2)
Episode 23: Fantasy Borough (1)
Episode 22: Art Work
Episode 21: Alex Jumps Out of an Airplane
Episode 20: Shut It Down (2)
Episode 19: Shut It Down (1)
Episode 18: What Price Bobby?
Episode 17: Guess Who's Coming for Brefnish
Episode 16: Tony and Brian
Episode 15: The Reluctant Fighter
Episode 14: Jim Gets a Pet
Episode 13: Louie Meets the Folks
Episode 12: Elaine's Secret Admirer
Episode 11: Latka's Revolting
Episode 10: Alex's Romance
Episode 9: The Apartment
Episode 8: The Great Race
Episode 7: A Woman Between Friends
Episode 6: The Lighter Side of Angela Matusa
Episode 5: Wherefore Art Thou, Bobby?
Episode 4: Nardo Loses Her Marbles
Episode 3: Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey
Episode 2: Honor Thy Father
Episode 1: Louie and the Nice Girl
Episode 22: Substitute Father
Episode 21: Hollywood Calling
Episode 20: Alex Tastes Death and Finds a Nice Restaurant
Episode 19: Mama Gravas
Episode 18: Bobby's Big Break
Episode 17: Elaine and the Lame Duck
Episode 16: Louie Sees the Light
Episode 15: Friends
Episode 14: Sugar Mama
Episode 13: A Full House for Christmas
Episode 12: Memories of Cab 804 (2)
Episode 11: Memories of Cab 804 (1)
Episode 10: Men Are Such Beasts
Episode 9: Money Troubles
Episode 8: Paper Marriage
Episode 7: High School Reunion
Episode 6: The Great Line
Episode 5: Come as You Aren't
Episode 4: Bobby's Acting Career
Episode 3: Blind Date
Episode 2: One-Punch Banta
Episode 1: Like Father, Like Daughter