Tales From the Cryptkeeper (1993)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Fantasy , Horror , Sci-fi

Plot: To capitalize on the merchandising craze brought forth by HBO's series "Tales from the Crypt", they invented this Saturday morning cartoon. Much like the series (and EC comics) that the cartoon was based on, the show featured different child characters weekly who ended up in twisted situations, but with a little more morality play than the HBO series. Still hosting was The Cryptkeeper, and in the second season, The Vaultkeeper and The Old Witch (both narrators from the comic series) had come in to upstage The Cryptkeeper. After two seasons, the show disappeared from ABC's lineup, but resurfaced on CBS in 1999 with new episodes, under the title "New Tales from the Cryptkeeper." The Vaultkeeper and the Old Witch were now absent as hosts, and the Cryptkeeper kept popping up within the context of the story more than in the previous seasons. In 2000, CBS dropped their entire Saturday morning children's show schedule. Since then, the show has aired in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Read More



Episode 13: Too Cool for School
Episode 12: Monsters Ate My Homework
Episode 11: It's for You
Episode 10: Town Gathering
Episode 9: All Booked Up
Episode 8: Drawn and Quartered
Episode 7: So Very Attractive
Episode 6: Trouble in Store
Episode 5: Competitive Spirit
Episode 4: Unpopular Mechanics
Episode 3: Waste Not, Haunt Not
Episode 2: Imaginary Friend
Episode 1: Sharon Sharalike
Episode 13: Hunted
Episode 12: Uncle Harry's Horrible House of Horrors
Episode 11: The Brothers Gruff
Episode 10: Growing Pains
Episode 9: The Haunted Mine
Episode 8: Dead Men Don't Jump!
Episode 7: The Weeping Woman
Episode 6: All the Gory Details!
Episode 5: Myth Conceptions
Episode 4: The Avenging Phantom
Episode 3: The Spider and the Flies
Episode 2: Cold Blood, Warm Hearts
Episode 1: Game Over
Episode 13: Grounds for Horror
Episode 12: This Wraps It Up
Episode 11: Gorilla's Paw
Episode 10: Fare Tonight
Episode 9: Hyde and Go Shriek
Episode 8: Cave Man
Episode 7: The Sleeping Beauty
Episode 6: The Works...in Wax
Episode 5: A Little Body of Work
Episode 4: Gone Fishin'
Episode 3: Pleasant Screams
Episode 2: Nature
Episode 1: While the Cat's Away