Tales from the Crypt (1989)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Fantasy , Horror , Thriller

Plot: Based on the legendary and gruesome EC Comics from publisher William Gaines, this horror anthology featured stories of murder, the super natural, gore and humor and always had a twist ending of sorts. Some of Hollywood's biggest names took part, either working in front or behind the camera. Hosting duties fell to everyone's favorite decaying corpse, the Crypt Keeper. The success of this series spawned a Saturday morning cartoon series (Tales From the Cryptkeeper), a short lived Saturday morning gameshow on CBS (Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House) and lots of merchandise. Two feature films (Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood) were also produced. Two other movies based on the EC Comics (Tales From the Crypt and The Vault of Horror) were released back in 1972 and 1973 respectively. But they are not connected to this series and will not be listed here! Tales from the Crypt has aired on HBO, Fox, in syndication and the Sci-Fi Channel. Most recently, the series has bee Read More



Episode 13: The Third Pig
Episode 12: Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow
Episode 11: Confession
Episode 10: About Face
Episode 9: Smoke Wrings
Episode 8: Report from the Grave
Episode 7: The Kidnapper
Episode 6: Cold War
Episode 5: Horror in the Night
Episode 4: Escape
Episode 3: A Slight Case of Murder
Episode 2: Last Respects
Episode 1: Fatal Caper
Episode 15: You, Murderer
Episode 14: 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror
Episode 13: Comes the Dawn
Episode 12: Doctor of Horror
Episode 11: Surprise Party
Episode 10: In the Groove
Episode 9: Staired in Horror
Episode 8: The Assassin
Episode 7: The Pit
Episode 6: The Bribe
Episode 5: Revenge Is the Nuts
Episode 4: Operation Friendship
Episode 3: Whirlpool
Episode 2: Only Skin Deep
Episode 1: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
Episode 13: Till Death Do We Part
Episode 12: Half-Way Horrible
Episode 11: Oil's Well That Ends Well
Episode 10: Came the Dawn
Episode 9: Creep Course
Episode 8: Well Cooked Hams
Episode 7: House of Horror
Episode 6: Two for the Show
Episode 5: People Who Live in Brass Hearses
Episode 4: Food for Thought
Episode 3: Forever Ambergris
Episode 2: As Ye Sow
Episode 1: Death of Some Salesmen
Episode 14: Curiosity Killed
Episode 13: Werewolf Concerto
Episode 12: Strung Along
Episode 11: Split Personality
Episode 10: Maniac at Large
Episode 9: King of the Road
Episode 8: Showdown
Episode 7: The New Arrival
Episode 6: What's Cookin'
Episode 5: Beauty Rest
Episode 4: Seance
Episode 3: On a Deadman's Chest
Episode 2: This'll Kill Ya
Episode 1: None But the Lonely Heart
Episode 14: Yellow
Episode 13: Spoiled
Episode 12: Deadline
Episode 11: Split Second
Episode 10: Mournin' Mess
Episode 9: Undertaking Palor
Episode 8: Easel Kill Ya
Episode 7: The Reluctant Vampire
Episode 6: Dead Wait
Episode 5: Top Billing
Episode 4: Abra Cadaver
Episode 3: The Trap
Episode 2: Carrion Death
Episode 1: Loved to Death
Episode 18: The Secret
Episode 17: My Brother's Keeper
Episode 16: Television Terror
Episode 15: Mute Witness to Murder
Episode 14: Lower Berth
Episode 13: Korman's Kalamity
Episode 12: Fitting Punishment
Episode 11: Judy, You're Not Yourself Today
Episode 10: The Ventriloquist's Dummy
Episode 9: Four-Sided Triangle
Episode 8: For Cryin' Out Loud
Episode 7: The Sacrifice
Episode 6: The Thing from the Grave
Episode 5: Three's a Crowd
Episode 4: 'Til Death
Episode 3: Cutting Cards
Episode 2: The Switch
Episode 1: Dead Right
Episode 6: Collection Completed
Episode 5: Lover Come Hack to Me
Episode 4: Only Sin Deep
Episode 3: Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone
Episode 2: And All Through the House
Episode 1: The Man Who Was Death